Why is the president of the United States cyberbullying a 16-year-old girl? | Nancy Jo Sales

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What it states to ladies is: no matter what you do, no matter just how much you attain, effective males will attempt to cut you down

T he early morning after election day 2016, I got a call from a ladies’ school in New York where I was arranged to speak. “We need to reschedule,” stated an agent from the school. “The ladies are too upset.”

Girls throughout the nation were distressed when Trump was chosen, however not just on partisan premises. They were upset since Donald Trump was a bully, a cyberbully, and he bullied ladies and girls like them– females like the previous Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who exposed that, when she was 19, he called her “Miss Piggy,” a dig at her weight.

In a New York Times survey in the run-up to the election, almost half of women aged 14 to 17 stated that Trump’s remarks about ladies impacted the method they think of their bodies. If they could, just 15% of women stated they would vote for him.

And now Trump has a brand-new target for his bullying: Greta Thunberg , the 16-year-old ecological activist. Thunberg appears to be actually making Trump upset, without indicating to. She does not suit any of his concepts of how ladies are expected to act. She isn’t attempting to be a candidate in among his charm pageants. She’s too hectic attempting to get world leaders like him to do something about the environment crisis. She’s too inhabited by providing speeches at locations like the UN– where Trump was made fun of, when he offered a speech in 2018, and Thunberg was consulted with regard, regardless of knocking the whole body for “deceptive” the general public with insufficient emission-reduction promises.

In the last number of weeks, while Trump was relatively buffooned by his peers at the Nato top in London, and impeachment hearings versus him started, Thunberg was called Time’s individual of the year, an honor Trump apparently desired. Therefore he did what he constantly appears to do, on Twitter, when he’s upset: he snapped by implicating the individual disturbing him of the extremely things he’s sensation, or is guilty of.

“Greta should deal with her Anger Management issue, then go to an excellent old made motion picture with a buddy!” Trump tweeted on Thursday. “Chill Greta, Chill!”

Poor Trump. This tweet didn’t sound extremely chill. And Thunberg understood it. Like most of women maturing in the digital age, she has actually been cyberbullied previously– by Trump himself, who, after her well known speech prior to the UN General Assembly, sardonically tweeted , “She appears like an extremely delighted girl anticipating a terrific and brilliant future. Good to see!”

Both times Trump has actually tweeted about her, Thunberg’s actions have actually been jocular, and ironical in kind. Today, she altered her Twitter bio to: “A teen dealing with her anger management issue. Presently cooling and enjoying an excellent old made motion picture with a good friend.”

In her handling of being cyberbullied by the president of the United States, at age 16, Thunberg has actually ended up being a motivation for ladies 2 times over– very first as an environment activist, then as a social networks ninja.

But that does not imply that Trump’s cyberbullying of Thunberg is any less despicable, or harmful. What it states to women all over the world is: no matter what you do, no matter just how much you attain, effective males can and will attempt to cut you down.

This message is dismal, frightening and not without possibly alarming effects. It’s a message that has actually added to a sheer increase in the suicide rate amongst women. It’s a message that has actually added to increasing stress and anxiety and anxiety amongst ladies and girls. It’s a message that Trump’s spouse, Melania, is expected to be fighting, with her project versus cyberbullying.

But ladies do not require Melania Trump to be their good example in battling versus online harassment. They have each other, and they have Thunberg.

  • Nancy Jo Sales is an author at Vanity Fair and the author of American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers

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