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So if you’ve read my current short articles, you understand that I have breast cancer. Super enjoyable. It’s all been actually attractive. My life is whatever I ‘d dreamed it would be. I’m about to begin chemo, which, given that it’s simply pumping your body filled with toxin to eliminate any cancer cells, triggers a great deal of other concerns. One that I wasn’t familiar with is infertility . To get ready for this, although I do not even like kids and do not believe I desire them, I am freezing my eggs since I’m simply not all set to decide about it, particularly under pressure. Considering that I have BRCA, this method if I do choose to destroy my life and procreate, I can choose eggs that do not have BRCA and the enjoyable cancer rollercoaster can pass away with me. I understand, I’m essentially a saint.

More and more females are picking to freeze their eggs for a range of factors: they aren’t all set to have kids yet, they do not have a partner, they wish to remove genetic health problems, they have some woman issues that might result in infertility, they have problems that need a surrogate, and naturally, chemo. I’m investing the next 2 weeks soaring, pretending to be pregnant, looking pregnant, and after that getting those eggs on ice. Given that I need to go through this, I figured I ‘d fill you men in. By doing this, if you ever need to make this choice, you’ll be much better ready.

It’s A LOT Of Needles

Shots will have an entire brand-new significance. I’m not a moron; I presumed there would be some needles. To get your egg infants all set for collecting (they actually call it that– what am I, a f * cking chicken?), you’re going to need to soar a great deal of hormonal agents. If you’re doing IVF to attempt to get pregnant with a partner, the procedure is various. You do the sped up variation when you’re freezing. For me, it’s 2 weeks of 2 injections of hormonal agents a day, in the stomach, and after that a trigger shot prior to your surgical treatment to get the eggs out. And you’re expected to do them all yourself. In addition, you’ll get blood work every other day for the very first week and a half, and after that every day leading up to your surgical treatment. You’ll likewise get an utrasound whenever you have blood work that includes them pushing a huge dildo with an electronic camera up you and stabbing at your ovaries. It’s all workable however dreadful. I’m a substantial infant and informed them under no scenarios am I going to be able to offer myself shots (specifically in the stomach!), so they’re letting me enter into the workplace each and every single day and the nurse is doing it. Thank God for that.

It’s Expensive

It’s soooo pricey to freeze your eggs. Like, remarkably so. My expense simply for the surgical treatment is around $7k. My shots are complimentary since I have cancer (it’s like, the one perk) and there are programs that spend for cancer clients’ fertility drugs. To pay out of pocket, your meds/shots can cost anywhere in between $5,000-$17,000. None of this consists of, btw, the zillion visits, blood work, and ultrasound expenses. And even the later screening, fertilization, implantation procedure as soon as you wish to really utilize the eggs. You likewise will need to pay to house your eggs in the freezer– mine expenses $700 A YEAR. If you’re thinking about egg freezing, absolutely conserve up and/or cry to your moms and dads about how they’ll never ever have grandchildren unless they assist pay for this.

Your Insurance Probably Won’t Cover It

Ooooh do I have a bone to choose with insurance provider over this sh * t. My insurance coverage, although it’s truly excellent and REALLY EXPENSIVE, does not cover infertility. I so kindly informed them on the phone that I am not really sterile, you are making me sterile from cancer treatment, so this need to be covered. To which they stated it does not matter.? They need to need to cover infertility due to the fact that infertility is a medical condition. You’re informing me drooping penises are covered however fertility drugs are not? A male’s orgasm at 90 is more vital than a female’s capability to have kids? Are you F * CKING joking me? FYI, this is precisely what I stated to the insurance coverage associate, and she concurred with me. If you’re thinking about freezing your eggs in the future, absolutely examine ahead of time if it’s covered by your insurance coverage.

Your Eggs Really Do Get Old

I dislike when individuals resemble, “oh half your eggs pass away by the time you’re 35”. It’s very bothersome and unimportant. Like, you have a million eggs, so even if half passed away, you still have like, 500,000? I do not understand, I’m not a medical professional. Individuals over the age of 35 get pregnant all the time, so stopped talking.

But when it pertains to egg freezing, age in fact is an issue. If you look at the science behind it, it’s really a total wonder anybody gets pregnant. With egg freezing, the chances of the number of healthy eggs will make it through are truly bad. It’s like, oh if you have 25 egg roots, perhaps just half will be fully grown adequate to extract. Some of those will not endure the freezing/thawing procedure. Some will not get fertilized. Some will have something incorrect with them. If you have BRCA, like me, 50% will have BRCA. Some will not implant correctly. By my mathematics, you’re left with, what, half an egg? It’s a frightening and unusual awareness. And the older you are, the even worse the chances are of having good eggs make it through. My medical professional stated at 28, my eggs are ideal for freezing, however if I choose I wish to do it once again (presuming my body recuperates from chemo and I’m not entirely sterile) since I do not get enough eggs (they implant a lot at a time hoping one connects), or the ones that made it all have BRCA, and so on, she stated I require to be 32 or 33 at the earliest. Individuals do freeze their eggs older, however it’s a numbers/odds video game, and they have less success. If this is something you’re interested in, satisfy with an expert prior to that window closes.

You’ll Be Fake Pregnant

Something else I wasn’t familiar with: you generally need to pretend you’re pregnant. You likewise will look sort of pregnant. I am taking pre-natal vitamins, can’t consume alcohol, need to be on a high-protein, low-carb, no sugar diet plan, and obviously the hormonal agents make your stomach puff out and bloat. Once again, so, a lot glamour in my life. A minimum of it stops post-surgery, and after that it’s simply a couple weeks prior to your body go back to regular. Ugh, I dislike diet plans, and I enjoy sugar, so I’m total not happy about this part. Whatever draws about this.

It’s A Fast Process

Thankfully the injections, bloat, and intrusive ultrasound molestation are all short-term, since the entire procedure just takes 2 weeks. Thank God. I suggest, you can withstand anything for 2 weeks? When it’s such a life-altering choice, specifically. I simply need to state if I in fact have kids and utilize these eggs, those kids much better be so f * cking charming, since I needed to be tortured and pay a lots of cash to get them here. I will make certain to regret them over this every day of their lives. They likewise will be going to kindergarten talking the other kids they were made in a freezer, due to the fact that we need to make this enjoyable in some way. If you’re stressed about freezing your eggs, simply understand that it goes by truly fast, and then at least you have the alternative open of having kids whenever you desire.

Do you have any other concerns about egg freezing? Have you ever considered it? Do you feel pressure to have kids more youthful than you ‘d like? Let me understand in the remarks.

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