What Men Want More Than Sex, but Probably Wont Tell You

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How lots of times have we heard the expression, “ All males desire is sex? When I was 17 years old I was sure it was real, ”. I believed it may not be real when I was 37 years old. And now that I’ m 73 years of ages, I understandit ’ s not real. Now wear ’ t get me incorrect, sex can be fantastic at any age, however there’ s something that is more crucial than sex, however it ’ s something that males have problem confessing and females have trouble offering.

This understanding has actually struck me gradually and ended up being most obvious to me in my males’ s group. I ’ ve been fulfilling routinely with 6 other men for thirty-eight years and sex has actually been a subject that has actually gone through our conversations for many years. Like all people, we are rather competitive and all of us wish to be viewed as effective, however we likewise have actually found out to be sincere with each other. We not just discuss our sexual successes, however likewise our confusions, worries, and failures.

From the time I was a young I discovered that desiring sex was associated with being a guy. In high school, I keep in mind overhearing a woman I liked speaking about a man we both understood. She wasn’ t grumbling that he was preoccupied with sex, however that he “ didn ’ t come on to me like other people do. ” She went on to inform her sweetheart, “ He ’ s not being really manly. ” The message was clear, “ genuine guys ” desire sex and if you put on ’ t “ begun ” to a woman, you ’ re not a genuine male.


This early lesson was verified through the years: Always desiring sex is the mark of manliness for lots of. It’ s much better to be denied once again and once again and be viewed as a jerk who is completely preoccupied with sex than to desire something more than sex and be viewed as “ less thana male.”


So, what do guys desire more than sex? We ’ ve all heard that women require to feel liked to make love, however males require to make love to feel liked. Let’ s look more deeply at what it is precisely that males are getting when they get sex. Sure, there is the physical satisfaction, however there is a much deeper requirement that is being pleased. I call it the requirement for a safe harbor.

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The world of guys is a world of competitors. On one of the most fundamental level, males take on other males for access to the most preferable women. Males make the women and advances choose which males they will accept. Sure, in contemporary times these functions are less stiff than they as soon as were, however for one of the most part, whether we’ re individuals or peacocks, we strut our things and hope it’ s sufficient to get us selected by the lady we pursue.


Getting taken into her body offers us a sense of peace and homecoming that goes method beyond easy sexual satisfaction . Obviously, I’ m speaking about heterosexual males here. There’ s a comparable dynamic in the gay world, however here I’ ll concentrate on females and males.

Many of us keep in mind the early school dances we went to. You had to make the long walk throughout the space with everybody seeing and ask the lady to dance if you desired to hold a woman in your arms. You were in paradise if she accepted. , if she declined you were in hell.. The secret here is that you should make yourself susceptible to rejection to be and hold held by a woman.

By the time we end up being grownups, we’ ve currently been damaged and bruised by the world of competitors and rejection. We wish for that safe harbor where we put on’ t need to pretend to be something we’ re not in order to be selected. We wish for somebody who sees us for who we are and desires us anyhow, who can hold us and touch, not simply our body, however our souls and hearts.

“ Always desiring sex ” belongs to the male personality we use to reveal we’ re manly. What we truly desire is a safe harbor where we can take sanctuary, unwind, and be looked after. Simply put, we desire the sensation of being supported that the majority of us didn’ t get enough of when we were kids. Confessing these requirements makes us feel like little kids, not huge strong guys. Much better to be manly with our libido and after that as soon as we’ re inside her body, we can unwind, be ourselves, and be instilled with love. That’ s the covert desire we have when we make love.


One of the important things I enjoy receiving from my other half, Carlin, is to lay in her lap and have my scalp rubbed. This is one, terrific, safe harbor. I put on’ t requirement to make love in order to have this requirement pleased. I simply need to ask for it. Here, I’ m being touched deeply, accepted entirely. I put on’ t need to carry out or show myself. I simply should want to be deeply susceptible.

Just as it’ s hard for males to ask to be held, supported, and touched; it ’ s typically tough for ladies to consider that sort of intimacy. There are 3 primary factors, which are typically subconscious:

  • Females have their own conditioning about guys being guys. If he doesn’ t desire sex, they stress that they might not be appealing enough.
  • Second, a guy wishing to be held and supported, activates sensations that they are handling a kid, not a male. I can’ t inform you the number of customers I have who state things like “ It ’ s like I ’ ve got 3 kids in your home. There’ s our 2 children, and after that there’ s my hubby. ” Women desire a male, however fret they have another little kid.
  • Third, ladies fear guys who put on’ t feel manly. They understand that the most violent males are guys who feel helpless and weak. They’ ve typically had experiences of males permitting themselves to be susceptible and mild, just to have them react with anger and rage later on.

It takes a great deal of time and maturity for males to confess to themselves that they require a safe harbor where they can be supported and accepted by a lady. It takes a great deal of guts to let his female understand he might desire sex, however more vital is his requirement for security, love, and support. It needs a level of knowledge to understand that permitting ourselves to be as susceptible as a kid might be the manliest thing a male can do.

For a female, she needs to likewise surpass her own conditioning and be open to a male who is making himself susceptible in brand-new methods. She should have a good deal of self-love and self-esteem to accept being a safe harbor. She should likewise have the strength to safeguard herself, when his embarassment at being susceptible rely on stress and anxiety , anger , or anxiety . It isn’ t simple for ladies and guys to take these sort of dangers, however the reward is a life time of deepening love and intimacy.

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** This piece initially appeared on MenAlive.com

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