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If you’re a devoted Real Housewives fan, then congrats, due to the fact that we’ve made it through a lot in the last 10 years. There have actually been numerous episodes, lots of excessive journeys , and a lot of minor arguments to even count. Out of all the drama, there are specific scandals that stick out more than your typical supper celebration dispute. As the 2010s ended, let’s have a look back at a few of the craziest Real Housewives scandals this years has actually brought us.


Over the course of 14 seasons, The Real Housewives of Orange County has actually seen it all, however no story was rather as stunning as the season 10 discovery that Vicki Gunvalson’ s fianc, Brooks Ayers, lied about having cancer. As the other women grew a growing number of suspicious, Vicki didn’ t do an excellent task of making herself look innocent, despite the fact that she’ s determined to this day that she actually believed he was ill.

What started– like all excellent Real Housewives stories do– when a psychic raised concerns, spiraled into a major examination, all led relentlessly by Meghan King Edmonds. Always remember when she went to the radiology center to see if the format of their outcomes documentation compared with the ones that Brooks falsified. It’ s for this factor that I’ m thrilled by reports of her return to RHOC, however in either case, I’ m glad for her service versus the evil that was Brooks Ayers.

Luann’ s Legal Issues

At the start of the years, Luann de Lesseps was still hectic preaching to her fellow Housewives about rules, however that, uh, didn’ t last. Everybody seen in discouragement as she wed and separated Tom D’ Agostino in less than a year– after he cheated on her, at the Regency, in front of everybody.

Luann’ s divorce sent her on a down spiral, culminating in her getting jailed in Palm Beach on Christmas Eve, 2017. When I’m feeling down, the story of her kicking a cops officer and slipping out of her handcuffs is a scene I envision in my head at times. Ever since, the Countess has actually transformed herself as a cabaret star, due to the fact that why not. Life is not a cabaret, however nowadays, Luann’ s life essentially is.

Teresa &&Joe ’ s Legal Issues

Even if you wear’ t truly see RHONJ, you’ re probably still knowledgeable about Teresa Giudice’ s legal legend . We saw in genuine time as the fallout from Joe’ s dubious service negotiations played out, eventually resulting in him and Teresa both investing substantial quantities of time “ at camp, ” as Teresa likes to state. You feel about Teresa, seeing her reunite with her children after nearly a year in jail was a seriously psychological minute.

Things didn’t go so fantastic for Joe. After completing his sentence and costs numerous months in ICE custody, Joe was lastly deported to Italy this fall, where he’ s still waiting on his migration appeal. Simply recently, he and Teresa revealed their separation, which I’ ve personally been waiting on since he called her the C-word on cam method back in 2012. Arrivederci!

Michael Darby’ s Sexual Assault Case

If you still sanctuary’ t entered into The Real Housewives of Potomac , let me simply inform you that it is … f * cking crazy in the very best method. The girls on RHOP constantly bring the drama, however the most stunning occasion of this previous season pertained to among the spouses. Ashley Darby’ s other half Michael was charged with felony sexual attack after he apparently touched a cameraman wrongly.

The charges were ultimately dropped, however we got to enjoy the entire thing play out on cam, and the Housewives ’ responses to becoming aware of the charges were really invaluable. The unpleasant AF manufacturers then dropped the bomb that there was audio of the event, and the ~ hidden production video footage ~ is famous.


Phaedra Parks was a pillar on RHOA for 7 seasons, however on the season 9 reunion, we saw as everything got removed in a matter of minutes. In seasons past, Phaedra and Kandi Burruss were friends, however that altered, and their relationship got a growing number of hazardous.

Throughout season 9, there were mystical reports that Kandi was a lesbian, and particularly that she and her partner had actually outlined to drug and sexually attack her castmate, Porsha Williams. The source of the reports was unidentified for the whole season, till the reunion, when Porsha exposed that Phaedra had actually informed her they held true. Kandi’ s renowned “ YOU SAID THAT? ” line was born, however Phaedra essentially had absolutely nothing to state for herself, and she’ s never ever been on Bravo once again.

Taylor &&Russell ’ s Marriage

From the minute The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered, it was apparent that things in Taylor Armstrong’ s marital relationship weren’ t terrific. As we viewed her face her violent relationship, we might all inform things weren’ t headed in an excellent instructions, and prior to season 2 premiered, the Housewives world was rocked with the news that her other half Russell had actually devoted suicide.

The 2nd season, which was recorded prior to Russell passed away, is truthfully frightening to see, with a morbid sense of remarkable paradox that a lot of truth TELEVISION programs would never ever even wish to handle. Still, it produced among the most intriguing seasons of RHOBH, and none people will ever forget the time that Taylor concealed in a luggage.


Sadly, the latest seasons of RHOBH have actually done not have the compelling drama of the very first couple of seasons, however season 9’ s Puppygate was still a quite significant scandal. It started when Dorit embraced a pet dog from Vanderpump Dogs, however later on provided it away to another person. What might have simply been an individual concern in between LVP and Dorit intensified to a war within the cast, total with dripped stories to Radar Online and a lie detector test.

Ultimately, Lisa wasn’ t ready to make it deal with Kyle or Dorit, and she cut ties with the remainder of the cast, basically leaving the program in the middle of the season. Whether you’ re an LVP fan or not, it was an unpleasant method for an OG to head out.

What’s the Real Housewives scandal that’s made your jaw drop the outermost? Ideally the 2020s will have lots of much more astounding minutes, since I can’t get enough of this sh * t.

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