Ed Sheeran Reveals He Lost 50 Pounds After Quitting Smoking & Picking Up Running! – Perez Hilton

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Ed Sheeran is opening up about his outstanding weight-loss!

While talking with the hosts of the Behind the Medal podcast, the 28-year-old exposed he’s down 50 pounds after stopping smoking cigarettes 3 years earlier and prioritizing his physical fitness objectives and diet plan.

Sheeran confessed that he played football (AKA soccer) as a kid, however “everything type of headed out the window” when he started playing music and later on got cigarette smoking:

“I didn’t touch workout for a very long time.”

He elaborated:

“And then I stopped smoking 3 years earlier and after that since then began working out. I enjoy it.”

Today, his physical fitness regular generally consists of 45 minutes of running in the early morning, and will include swimming and sit-ups if time enables it:

“I began doing it since when I stopped smoking cigarettes, I was really conscious that my lungs were so loaded with s ** t that I required to clear them out. Health clubs are excellent however there’ s absolutely nothing like fresh air to truly offer you a cleanout. That’ s, for me, the primary reason that I began doing it.”

But he likewise likes biking due to the fact that he has the ability to multi-task:

“I’ ve gotten actually into biking also, and there’ s no other way you can, like, see or examine e-mails TELEVISION programs. You’ re either with somebody talking, or you’ re thinking. And it’ s a truly good idea.”

During his X Tour from 2015-2016, he weighed around 15 or 16 stone, which is in between 210 and 224 pounds. Today, he’s weighing in at “12 stone,” which has to do with 50 pounds less (168 pounds) than his beginning point!

Ch-ch-check out his prior to and after (best to left, listed below):

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