Here’s Why You Might Not Have Snapchat’s Year In Review Story

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Why Don’t I Have Snapchat’s 2019 Year In Review Story? It Depends On Your Snap Habits

It’s that time of year to have a look back at all the memories that assisted make 2019 what it was prior to turning the page to 2020. Thankfully, Snapchat made it a lot simpler to have a look at the videos and images you shared over the previous 365 days, thanks to this year’s Year In Review Story. If you have not had a possibility to examine it out, you may be questioning why you do not have Snapchat’s 2019 Year in Review Story . Where can you discover the year-end Story that released on Dec. 13? If you do not see it currently, there’s a possibility you may be out of luck this year.

If you have not currently, I ‘d advise taking a look at your year-end collection video quicker instead of later on, given that Snapchat states users’ 2019 Stories will just be offered for a restricted time. To take a virtual journey down memory line and relive all the locations, individuals, and activities that many specified the previous year, open your Snapchat app and head to the Memories tab. As soon as you’re there, head to extremely leading of the “Snaps” location to see your customized year-end video, which need to be identified “A Look Back at 2019.”

Unfortunately, some users have actually reported their video is no place to be discovered — and according to the business, there’s a frustrating however basic description. To make your year-end collection, Snapchat assembles a clip consisting of all the images and videos you conserved to your Memories throughout 2019. If you didn’t occur to conserve enough of your Snaps or you didn’t utilize Snapchat enough over the previous year, the tech giant will not have adequate product to make you a video summing up your previous year on the app. In other words, you’re out of luck.

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From the noises of things, it’s far too late to treat the circumstance now if you’re one of Snapchat’s users who does not have a year-end Story to review. It’s a great lesson to make it a practice to conserve your snaps to your Memories in 2020, so you have something to inspect out prior to 2021 comes around.

In the meantime, I ‘d advise taking a look at the year-end collections your buddies are sharing to their Stories prior to they’re gone.

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