Peloton Husband Actually Bought His Real-Life Girlfriend One For Christmas After Backlash! – Perez Hilton

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After Peloton dropped their “Gift That Keeps Giving” advertisement last month, practically the whole Internet concurred it was ill-conceived .

Some joked about an extremely fit model-actress going on a “physical fitness journey” with her stationary bicycle, some compared the synthetic videos she made from her utilizing the bike to captive videos specifically when it’s explained he is enjoying them with her later. Others simply questioned the concept of purchasing your partner workout devices as a present at all, provided the possibly judgmental ramifications.

But one guy has actually been resisting versus those hot takes. Star Sean Hunter , who played the hubby in the advertisements, went on a quick interview trip in which he declared his image was “being connected with sexism, with the patriarchy, with abuse” although, honestly, nobody was speaking about him at all.

Unlike Monica Ruiz , his “Peloton Wife” who went on to star in a funny Aviation Gin industrial satirizing the debate, Sean has actually been stalwartly protecting the initial advertisement versus the “unfavorable story” surrounding it online.

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Now he’s gone one action even more. He’s attempting to show the entire thing isn’t sexist by doing it in reality!

Yep, he purchased his real-life sweetheart a Peloton stationary bicycle for Christmas and happily published about it on Instagram !

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