10 things you need to know about the campaign

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We’ve had crucial messages hammered house, the odd gaffe and rows over TELEVISION disputes.

But what else have we found out given that Boris Johnson called a breeze election?

1) It’s been a presidential-style project

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We do not have a governmental ballot system in the UK, however you would not understand it from the projects of the 2 primary celebrations.

The option is in between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservatives and Labour have actually stated throughout – with both leaders taking a trip up and down the nation to attract citizens.

We have actually hardly seen a few of the front bench – Home Secretary Priti Patel or Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom at primary project occasions, for instance – and on Labour’s side we have not seen shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer or shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry.

But, throughout a sit-down interview with BBC Breakfast, Mr Corbyn stated it was “not a governmental election”.

He was reacting to a concern on whether he has actually been a barrier on the doorstep, in the middle of reports that some prospects are discovering citizens do not wish to support him personally.

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Our political editor Laura Kuenssberg states the citizens she has actually fulfilled on the project path are repaired on the 2 main characters of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn – they are so popular.

She states both have bands of “real followers” however the guys who are competing to be prime minister are likewise dealing with extremely severe doubts from a few of the general public.

2) Parties have actually upped their digital video game – however there has actually been false information and ‘phony news’

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The battlefield is no longer simply on the doorstep and project path – as we understand, it’s online too.

On Facebook, the celebrations spent lavishly the money . At one point previously this month, the Facebook Advertisement Library revealed that about 2,500 adverts spent for by the Conservative Party were live, compared to 3,000 for the Liberal Democrats, however just 250 for Labour.

And this time, there were likewise non-party groups sending out Facebook users advertisements .

But there has actually been some criticism of the method platforms have actually been utilized.

The Conservatives were criticised for publishing a modified video of Labour’s Keir Starmer on their social networks and for rebranding their @CCHQPress account – the Tory press workplace – as “factcheckUK” throughout the ITV dispute in between Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn.

And Labour was questioned over a claim published on Facebook that a Conservative trade handle the United States after Brexit might cost the NHS as much as £ 500m a week, by increasing the cost of medications.

Now, a project group is requiring fact-checking of political marketing to be a legal requirement after what it refers to as a “phony news and disinformation basic election”.

But debate over social networks election project posts has actually possibly assisted to spread out political messages, according to one media expert .

In current days we’ve seen false information over the case of the four-year-old young boy, Jack, who was visualized on the flooring of Leeds General Infirmary after being confessed with believed pneumonia.

The medical facility apologised and regardless of a declaration from the healthcare facility’s primary medical officer, many posts spread out on social networks declaring the picture was staged .

Our Reality Check group have actually been hectic fact-checking claims throughout this project, see more from them here .

3) Rows over TELEVISION interviews and … blocks of ice

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Media caption What Andrew Neil wishes to ask Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson dealt with allegations that he was “running frightened” from analysis after stopping working to participate in a sit-down BBC interview with Andrew Neil – something that led the speaker to release a direct obstacle to the PM.

Mr Johnson did not deal with Neil – like the other primary celebration leaders – however the Tory celebration leader states he has actually participated in 2 head-to-head disputes and “118 sit-down interviews with reporters” throughout the project.

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And Channel 4 “empty chaired” the Tories and the Brexit Party with ice sculptures throughout its environment alter argument. The Tories grumbled to Ofcom over impartiality, however the regulator chose not to examine. It concluded that the Conservative perspective had actually been provided due weight.

4) Will Labour’s ‘red wall’ fall over Brexit?

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Image caption In Hartlepool, a Leave-voting location, could long-held obligations to Labour trigger a political earthquake?

We understand that the Conservatives and the Brexit Party are targeting Labour Leave citizens – while the Labour Party has actually been campaigning difficult to keep them on side.

During the project, both of the primary celebration leaders have actually taken a trip to these locations – in north-east Wales, the Midlands and the north of England, which are stated to form Labour’s “red wall” – to make their pitches.

Polling specialist Sir John Curtice states if Mr Johnson is to win a total bulk, he is most likely to need to win a substantial variety of minimal seats from Labour.

Of Labour’s 50 most minimal seats, 39 enacted favour of Leave in the 2016 referendum and in 16, more than 60% elected Brexit.

5) Key messages have been hammered house

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Remember “steady and strong” from the 2017 project?

Well, that’s long gone and, for the Conservatives, has actually been changed with “get Brexit done”, with Mr Johnson assuring to take the UK out of the EU by 31 January.

The celebration’s project has actually been everything about what the election was called over in the very first location – Brexit.

For Labour they have actually hammered their message on the NHS – that if the Conservatives enter power that puts the NHS at threat of being “on the table” in any post-Brexit trade settlements with the United States – something the Tories have actually rejected will occur.

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The Liberal Democrats, on the other hand, wish to “Stop Brexit. Construct a brighter future”, and the SNP states it is “more powerful for Scotland”. The celebration has “stop Brexit” on the side of its fight bus.

The SNP has actually been promoting a 2nd Scottish referendum, stating it is positive Labour would support an additional vote if the celebration remained in a minority federal government circumstance.

6) Politicians are constantly at danger of thwarting their project last-minute

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Media caption Moment Boris Johnson put ITV press reporter’s phone in his pocket

In what has actually seen to be a normally steady project, the last couple of days have actually shown rocky for both the Conservatives and Labour.

Boris Johnson was criticised after at first declining to take a look at an image of an ill four-year-old kid who needed to sleep on the flooring of a Leeds medical facility.

An ITV press reporter attempted to reveal Mr Johnson the photo on his phone, however he declined to look, prior to taking the gadget and putting it in his pocket.

Mr Johnson ultimately took a look at the image and apologised to the household.

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Media caption Jonathan Ashworth: “Of course it makes me appear like an ideal plonker”

Then Labour’s Jonathan Ashworth apologised to his celebration after he criticised Jeremy Corbyn in a secret recording by his Tory activist good friend.

In a recording dripped to Tory-supporting site Guido Fawkes , Mr Ashworth is heard stating he did not think Labour would win the election.

Mr Ashworth has actually insisted he was “joshing around” in the discussion, while Mr Corbyn declared the story was “unimportant”.

7) Was this the ‘environment modification election’?

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Media caption Jo Swinson faced by Extinction Rebellion protesters

During this election, we’ve heard a variety of “green” promises and ballot at the start of the project exposed a possibly substantial shift , raising the environment to being amongst citizens’ leading concerns.

Greens co-leader Sian Berry called it the “environment election” at the project launch for the Green Party of England and Wales, stating “some things are even larger than Brexit”.

A Friends of the Earth study recommended that Labour had the greatest policies to secure nature and fight environment modification.

Its election vows directly beat the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats – with the Conservatives far behind, according to the ecological project group.

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Media caption What to keep an eye out for on environment modification and the environment in this election

And environment modification protesters in bee outfits from Extinction Rebellion glued themselves to the Liberal Democrats’ electrical bus, along with the Conservatives’ bus.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson protected her celebration’s environment modification policy to protesters in bee outfits, who stated the strategies were “not enthusiastic sufficient”.

8) Polls, patterns and tactical ballot

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The election project has actually been marked by require tactical ballot from both sides in the Brexit dispute.

Prof Stephen Fisher, an election expert at the University of Oxford, states: “Among Leave fans, tactical ballot is most likely to come into play in constituencies where the Brexit Party and the Conservatives are completing to sit from a celebration that is understanding to another referendum.

“Tactical ballot amongst Remain fans is far more complex since it includes more celebrations, with differing Brexit policies.”

He states that fairly little modifications in the variety of votes a prospect gets have the possible to make a huge distinction .

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Media caption BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg summarize the election project

In regards to the patterns, our political editor Laura Kuenssberg states that really, very little has actually altered throughout this project.

The Tories have actually been broadly ahead for the majority of the time, with Labour having a hard time to close the space, and the Lib Dems have not made the sort of development individuals believed they may do a couple of months back.

And the SNP appearance most likely to remain dominant in Scotland.

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Image caption Can the SNP maintain its supremacy in Scotland?

Polling professional Sir John Curtice states there have actually been 2 patterns in the surveys throughout this project – however they have actually successfully negated each other.

The Conservative vote is up – however so is the Labour vote, with the Brexit Party and Lib Dems being squeezed by both celebrations.

“The net impact on the Conservative lead has actually been successfully no,” Sir John states.

9) A record variety of ladies are running for workplace – and a high variety of independents

At the start of the project, BBC analysis of Press Association figures discovered 1,124 of 3,322 signed up prospects were females.

That’s a boost from 2015’s record of 1,033 – however in 2017, simply 973 female prospects participated in that year’s breeze election, according to research study by the House of Commons library.

There have actually been issues that levels of abuse on social networks may discourage females from standing, with a variety of prominent previous woman ministers mentioning this as their primary factor for giving up frontline politics.

There are likewise 205 independent prospects standing – and a number of are recognisable faces, consisting of previous Tories David Gauke, Dominic Grieve and Anne Milton, who were all expelled from the Conservative Party after rebelling over Brexit.

10) And lastly … it’s Christmas, in fact

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We’ve seen both sides direct the 2003 romantic funny Love, Actually, utilizing a well-known scene in which a guy utilizes a series of placards to inform a lady he enjoys her – however including an election twist.

Labour’s Tooting prospect, Rosena Allin-Khan, published her video initially on social networks, which revealed her targeting a Tory advocate on the doorstep. This was followed by a variation from the Conservatives, with Boris Johnson advising citizens to back him.

You can see a complete list of Tooting prospects here .

Image copyright @DrRosena/ Labour Party

We were likewise dealt with to Christmas-themed concerns from job interviewers, consisting of at the very first head-to-head live TELEVISION argument on ITV – when Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn were asked what presents they would leave under each other’s trees this year.

Mr Corbyn chose a copy of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol so Mr Johnson “might then comprehend how nasty Scrooge was”.

The PM provided his Brexit offer as a great read, however when advised the response was implied to be non-political, he altered his response to some damson jam.

Asked on BBC West Midlands Radio what he would get his partner Carrie Symonds for Christmas, Mr Johnson – remaining on message – insisted he would “get Brexit done”.

Now it’s down to citizens to choose what election result they desire for Christmas.

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50741212

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