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If being what my grandma calls a “ youth ” has actually taught me one thing, it’ s that postponed satisfaction ain’ t worth sh * t. Call me insane, however if there is something incorrect with getting what I simply chose I desired with totally free two-day shipping, then I put on’ t desire to be! Clearly, Amazon is the holy grail of online shopping 365 days a year, however the one time it actually can be found in helpful is throughout the vacations.

A contemporary headache: I have a supper date with a good friend in a couple of days and last night, she texted to verify and after that she sent out a follow-up text, “ You ’ re going to like your present! ” My very first idea was “ Yes! I like presents! ” and my reservation was “ F * ck, now I need to get this bitch a present. ” Even though a little part of me dislikes investing cash on individuals who aren’ t myself, I was quite delighted to purchase her present and have it covered and all set for her 3 days later on for our dinner-turned-gift-exchange.

If you, too, dislike waiting, here are 10 of our preferred presents to go shopping on Amazon. If you order in the next 2 days, you can secure free shipment by 12/24.

1. Amazon Fire Stick, $24.99

One thing my 90-year-old granny and I share is that neither people comprehends innovation, like, at all. Take this Fire Stick, for instance, which, after utilizing it this weekend, looks like it was developed for morons individuals like me. It’ s a slim push-button control and a USB that plugs into the side of your TELEVISION. It works precisely like an HDMI cable, other than nobody will journey over it and you put on’ t need to have your laptop computer open and at the same time playing whatever you’ re attempting to see on your TELEVISION.

2. Slip Queen Silk Pillowcase, $85

I am the kind of individual who gets the generic variation of actually whatever due to the fact that I put on’ t wish to invest cash on the name brand name things, however this Slip pillowcase is my one exception due to the fact that it’s ;”> that excellent. Of all, it ’ s soft af. Unlike cotton, silk doesn ’ t absorb your costly nighttime skin care . It constantly feels cool to the touch, which, if you run hot (hi), is a true blessing.

3. Aquis Microfiber Towel, $20.99

A couple of weeks back, a good friend was informing me about this fantastic towel for your hair and, whaddya understand, I was seeing its sponsored posts on my Instagram feed later on that day. As sneaked out as I am by innovation that has no regard for borders, I purchased and utilized this Aquis towel. Let me simply state, it’ s not simply a towel. There’ s something about microfiber that makes it remarkably absorbent without pulling your scalp. I leave this bad young boy in for like, 15 minutes while I place on my makeup and when I take it off, my hair is generally dry.

4. KODAK Luma Pocket Projector, $199.99

If your bed room resembles mine, it’ s dull and white af. This little man modifications that! You can see motion pictures, stalk your workplace crush, and mindlessly scroll Instagram from the convenience of your own bed, which might seem like what you generally do, however this is various due to the fact that it’ s predicted on your ceiling. For referral, the iPhone 11’ s screen is 6 inches long and 2 inches broad. The option is yours.

5. WOLF Caroline Travel Case, $60.79

This is among those things I actually desire however would never ever really invest $60 on since I’ m cheap. Despite the fact that I put on’ t truly go anywhere, I go to my home town for almost every vacation, which suffices travel to require a travel case for all of my gems (one ring, my watch and a couple of sets of earrings). This is the type of present everybody would value.

6. Pasta Grannies, $26.99

I do not expensive myself a chef, however I do f * cking live for pasta, and I like it a lot more when I wear’ t need to pay New York rates for it. Thankfully, none of the dishes in this cookbook are Top Chef -level made complex, so even if your Secret Santa utilizes her oven to save her sweatshirts, she’ ll have the ability to nail a few of these dishes.

7. Skylety Champagne Flutes, $12.99

One thing I like is the quantity of cups worldwide. There is actually a designated cup for each kind of drink and I’ m all for it. Despite the fact that I stan a beer chalice, I enjoy an excellent Champagne flute. These ones are remarkable due to the fact that they’ re insulated, and due to the fact that absolutely nothing is less tasty than flat, warm Champagne, these are great to have on-hand.

8. Navawo Fingerless Gloves, $13.99

While fingerless gloves do appear entirely ineffective in theory, gloves with fingers are terrible. Contrary to common belief, you’ ll be quite warm in fingerless gloves and you’ ll have the ability to utilize your phone’ s touchscreen while preventing your colleagues on the train.

9. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser, $30

Not just does this cleanser odor fantastic, it makes your skin feel and look like you simply got a hydration. Seriously, utilize this day and night for a week and you will legit observe a distinction. It doesn’ t leave your skin sensation dry or tight, however rather, flexible and hydrated.

10. Rifle Paper Co. 2020 Planner

Most of my pals LOL at the truth that I still utilize organizers despite the fact that I finished from college 4 years back, however I wear’ t provide a sh * t since I like them. This one is specifically great due to the fact that it’ s not strongly embellished or huge, however it’ s huge enough that you can in fact fit all your visits and sh * t in it. Get this for your good friend who double books and everybody else in your group will thank you.

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