Hanukkah Attack Suspects Lawyer: Cuccinelli Immigration Comments Are a Disgrace

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After a leader in the Trump administration came under fire for apparently attempting to turn the current violent anti-Semitic attack in New York into an anti-immigrant parable, the target of his smear reacted Tuesday, calling his remarks “a disgrace.”

Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, declared in a Monday early morning tweet that 38-year-old Grafton Thomas, a U.S. person who supposedly stabbed 5 individuals at a Hanukkah celebration over the weekend, was the “boy of an unlawful alien who got amnesty under the 1986 amnesty law for unlawful immigrants.”

“Apparently, American worths did not take hold amongst this whole household, a minimum of this one violent, and obviously bigoted, child,” Cuccinelli composed.

Thomas’ lawyer, Michael Sussman, stated Tuesday that Cuccinelli’s remarks “are a disgrace and similar to blaming the moms and dads of a psychologically ill kid for developing him or her” which “such remarks have no location in a logical argument about nationwide migration policy, an argument which is long and long past due postponed by those presently holding executive workplace in our country.

“My customer’s moms and dads moved to the United States and were given legal status in 1986,” stated Sussman. “My customer was born in the United States and is an American person. His migration status appears absolutely unassociated to his mental disorder and the scenarios which triggered the occasions of last Saturday night.”

Cuccinelli has actually promoted aggressive anti-immigrant policies considering that his time as a state legislator in Virginia. For the Trump White House, he has actually argued versus birthright U.S. citizenship for kids of undocumented moms and dads and recommended the words on the Statue of Liberty were just targeted at European immigrants .

After numerous individuals called out Cuccinelli’s tweet and its evident condemnation of a Reagan-era bipartisan migration law, the post was either erased or otherwise gotten rid of from his Twitter page.

Further on the right, white supremacists commemorated Thomas’ race on 4chan and Telegram, where they talked about pressing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that they hoped would motivate violence versus Jews by black Americans, whom they explained with racist slurs.

Thomas, who is black, presumably burst into the house of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg in the New York suburban area of Monsey on Saturday night around 10 p.m., as lots of visitors were commemorating Hanukkah.

He apparently stabbed and injured 5 individuals with a machete, and he was charged with 5 counts of tried murder and one count of first-degree robbery. All of the victims endured, however one is stated to stay in vital condition with a skull fracture.

Federal district attorneys on Monday likewise submitted federal hate criminal offense charges versus Thomas and stated in court files that he had actually revealed anti-Semitic beliefs in hand-written journals.

The patrol officers who jailed Thomas found him “covered with blood,” The New York Times reported. Thomas pleaded innocent to all charges on Sunday early morning at his arraignment in Ramapo, New York.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has called the attack a “outright act of domestic terrorism that looked for to cause violence, prompt hate and create worry” and bought the State Police hate-crimes job force to examine.

Thomas’ household informed CNN he had no history of anti-Semitism, violent habits, or prior convictions. They stated he is “not a member of any hate groups” and have actually apparently asked Sussman to ask for a mental-health assessment for Thomas, who has “a long history of mental disorder and hospitalizations” and “was raised in a house which welcomed and appreciated all races and religious beliefs.”

United Methodist Church Pastor Wendy Paige stated that she has actually understood Thomas for 10 years which he is “not a violent individual.”

“Grafton is not a terrorist, he is a guy who has mental disorder in America, and the systems that be have actually not served him well,” Paige informed the New York Post. “I have actually been his pastor for a long period of time and I have actually seen him, he is not a violent individual, he is a baffled individual.”

“We say sorry to the households for him,” stated Paige. “We say sorry since we understand this was not him, this was an action out of mental disorder, please comprehend … Please let’s deal with our systems for mental disorder.”

After a fatal anti-Semitic shooting at a kosher market in Jersey City this month and an “worrying” rise in anti-Semitic violence in the New York location, authorities have actually stated they stepped up patrols in a minimum of 3 Brooklyn areas .

— Staff author Kelly Weill added to this report.

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