33 Fake Alien Messages That Sound Like The Start Of A Black Mirror Episode

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If aliens sent out a message to our world, Ask Reddit believes these would be the scariest things we might perhaps hear.

1. We’re concerning get the 2 billion members of our types surviving on your world.


3. Help us; you’re the last ones left.

4. Experiment is achieved. Simulation arranged for termination on January 1st.

5. God produced you, he didn’t develop us.

6. We mistakenly broke this golden thing, sorry.

7. Hm. Your race was similar to this last time too.

8. Do not leave your galaxy. Trust us.

9 . Stop your radio emissions now. They have actually heard you and they are coming. If you desire to endure, at your level of innovation you should leave your world.

10. You ought to have stayed quiet.

11. Don ’ t attempt this once again after the 5th time we ’ re tired of sending outyour world back to the stone age

12. 10 9 8

13. They’re coming. We’re sorry

14. We have actually pertained to re-take your world.

15. I ’ m sorry, absolutely nothing might be done, however you are alone now.

16. Wow. You’ve grown a lot.

17. You’re not alone, there are more people and we desire your world.

18. No one is pertaining to conserve you.

19. Yep, you did no much better than the dinosaurs so It’s time we attempt once again.

20. Earthlings, come out to play.

21. Data collection total. Your believed recorders will now enter into audio playback mode. You will be not able to move throughout this time. Sorry for the trouble.

22. In reaction to your concern:”No”. We will not call you once again.

23. Giant asteroid headed your method, it must exist in a week.

24. Harvest begins at midnight.

25. Stay peaceful, or they ’ ll hear you.

26. It ’ s excellent to see that your types has actually resurfaced after these countless years of termination!

27. The universe is collapsing quicker than the speed of light.

28. Our terrific civilization existed for ions, we took a trip lots of planetary systems however we never ever experienced any indications of life. The sensation of being alone in this universe has actually never ever been this strong. We are desperate.

29. We might not stop it. It eliminates whatever. It understands where you are if you have actually gotten this transmission. Run away for your lives.

30. We attempted to caution you.


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