I Illustrate The Everyday Problems Of Being A Woman (New Pics)

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I’m Prudence, a 28-year-old illustrator and comic artist from Belgium. I first started my comics on Instagram years ago as a way of journaling and keeping a diary in the form of drawings. I wanted to remember my progress by keeping some sort of collection online even though I was unaware of how Instagram really worked. It was seen by multiple people and since I always had issues with my self worth, struggled to love myself entirely and completely, and battled with mental health issues, I also talked about my issues. There were many people who found value and worth in my works because I spoke for those who were unable to speak up for themselves. I created a community for people to show them that they are not alone. I still find inspiration in my own battle with mental health, my own thoughts and sometimes sorrows and just everyday life.

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I have been featured on Bored Panda quite a few times (you can find my previous posts hereherehere and here) and each time, there is so much love and positivity, that I just have to do it again!

Currently, I am working on another big personal project which is a second book. It’s still in its baby phase though. But I want to help make the world a better and brighter place and make it less hard for many people out there who are struggling like I have. I also want to grow my community on Patreon and be able to give out more rewards. I’m saving up to get into digital work more and show people my progress on that in streams so fellow art lovers can learn with me. At the same time, I’m also still doing my traditional comics every single day.



How do I come up with my content? It’s quite funny, actually, because often times it happens at a moment when I’m in the shower or on the toilet, but other times it’s also at less comfortable times like when I’m on my period and then I stand up and you can’t hold up the bloodflow coming unsolicited from your uterus into your pants and you need to awkwardly walk around -because you know, there are people around. At moments like this, I need to rage-draw this off of me.




Over the last 7 months, since the last post, I did some commissions for companies, but sadly I wasn’t really treated well as an artist. I had to wait very long for my payment and learned to value myself instead. I asked my community to support me through Patreon to keep Planet Prudence going, and I’ve been doing mainly personal work on there and caring about my community. I talk to them every day on stream now and I made a safe zone from Instagram, my streams and Patreon. I still need a lot of support to be entirely self sufficient and sometimes have to still take on a commission to get through the month, which still gives me quite the stress, but I’ll get there thanks to my lovely Planet Prudence fans. I did however, had a nice local exposition that really warmed my heart. It was about anti-bullying, which I’m a firm advocate for, and I got to talk to many children about my experiences and there are a few of them now that are following me closely online now as well. I was happy to be able to influence next generations for the better through this project.











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