Theme Park Faces Major Backlash After Forcing Pig To Do A Bungee Jump

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An amusement park in China has actually been greatly slammed after requiring a pig to do a bungee dive as a promotion stunt.

Footage from the Meixin Red Wine Town amusement park in Chongqing, southwest China, reveals a number of guys connecting a pig to a pole prior to taking it up to a platform on a 68-meter-high (223 feet) tower. When at the top, the males fitted the animal with bungee ropes and put a cape on it, prior to pressing it over the edge of the platform. In the initial video footage, the pig might apparently be heard screeching in distress, whilst crowds listed below yelled and chuckled. The pig was then left hanging prior to being revived up by the bungee operators.

The stunt happened on January 18, BBC News reports , and was consulted with heavy and extensive criticism when video footage appeared on Chinese social networks site Weibo, where individuals called it “revolting” and “abuse”. According to regional reports, the animal was sent out to a slaughterhouse after the occurrence.

Following the reaction, a public relations agent of the park stated that the stunt was “ simply a little bit of home entertainment ” which it was “typical” for pigs to experience shock on their method to being butchered, the South China Morning Post reports .

Warning, the video is traumatic.

Several animal rights groups have actually required animal ruthlessness laws — which China presently does not have — following the stunt. The large condemnation from the public likewise showed the increasing mindset modification towards animal rights concerns.

” Pigs experience discomfort and worry in the exact same methods that we do, and this revolting PR stunt need to be prohibited,” Peta senior vice-president of worldwide projects Jason Baker informed BBC News .

” The Chinese public’s mad action need to be a wake-up call to China’s policy-makers to execute animal security laws instantly.”

The park has actually considering that put out a declaration excusing the event.

” We all the best accept […] criticism and recommendations and say sorry to the general public,” it stated in a declaration seen by BBC News. “We will enhance [our] marketing of the traveler website, to offer travelers with much better services.”

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