Find Out Which BTS Song You Are With This K-Pop Instagram Filter

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Here’s How To Get The “Which BTS Song” Instagram Story Filter To Find Your Tune

A brand-new Instagram filter with a K-Pop twist will assist you find out which BTS tune you are. Like other AR predictor filters on the ‘Gram, the BTS filter will inform you which of your favorite tunes is your soundtrack. Here’s how to get the “Which BTS Song” Instagram Story Filter to discover your tune and begin playing your K-Pop anthem.

The “Which BTS Song” filter’s developer, @juliataskaeva , is accountable for a great deal of pop culture-related gems. To discover which BTS tune you are, tape-record a selfie video with your Instagram Camera and the AR predictor filter will arbitrarily scan cards with tune names above your head. Some BTS tunes in the list consist of “Boy In Luv,” “Blood, Sweat, and Tears,” and “DNA.” These are arbitrarily picked, so if you do not like the response on the very first shot, you can keep going till you get the tune you desire. Regardless of the appeal of these AR predictor filters, they aren’t constantly that simple to discover. Utilize the actions listed below to get the “Which BTS Song” IG Story filter.

Search your pals’ IG Stories to discover it.

Odds are, if you’ve got pals who enjoy BTS, they might have currently discovered the filter. Enjoy your good friends’ Stories to see if they are utilizing the “Which BTS Song” filter:

  1. If you see a good friend’s Story with the “Which BTS Song” filter, tap on the title, “Which BTS Song” at the top of the screen.
  2. Select “Save Effect” to conserve the filter to your IG Stories Camera.
  3. The “Which BTS Song” filter will appear on the left side of the shutter in your electronic camera screen.


Have a good friend share the” Which BTS Song” filter with you.


Sometimes you observe a filter and forget to wait from a good friend’sStory. If you understand a pal utilized the” Which BTS Song “filter on Instagram ask to send you the filter in a Direct Message.


All they require to do is discover the” Which BTS Song” filter in their Instagram Camera. They’ll choose “Send To …” from the filter’s menu, and tap on your IG account.

. You’ll get a DM from your buddy with the” Which

  1. BTS Song “filter tile. Select the filter. This will raise menu alternatives.
  2. Select” Try It” on the delegated evaluate it out prior to you conserve or pick the down arrow to wait to your Instagram Camera.


Go to the developer’s account to get the filter.


Sometimes no matter where you look, you can’t discover the filter. Thankfully, you can go straight to the developer’s account to get the “Which BTS Song” filter for your Instagram Stories:

. Get in the developer’s username, @juliataskaeva , in the Instagram app’s search bar, then select her account. You can follow @juliataskaeva to stay up to date with all of her filter developments, however you do not need to in order to discover the” Which BTS Song” filter. In her account, tap the” Smiley Face “tab beside the IG post grid tab, then scroll down. Find the “Which BTS Song “filter in her list, choose it, and pick the conserve button to wait to your cam.

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