Popular beauty vlogger blackmailed into coming out as transgender. Her video is worth a watch.

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In 2020, coming out as transgender isn’t always a bombshell. Gradually however definitely, individuals are getting the reality that biological sex and gender are 2 various things, that those 2 things do not compare in some people, which individuals are individuals no matter what gender they are.

Of course, there are likewise those who do not comprehend any of the above and feel the requirement to let other individuals’s identities impact them, for whatever factor. Regardless, just revealing that a person is transgender, while in some cases a surprise, isn’t heading relevant at this moment.

What is relevant is somebody being blackmailed into coming out, which is what occurred today to YouTube star and charm vlogger, Nikkie de Jager.

Nikkie has actually been sharing has actually been sharing makeup ideas on her YouTube channel NikkieTutorials for a years. She’s developed a following of 13 million customers on both YouTube and Instagram, amusing and notifying her audiences with her upbeat, favorable method to makeup artistry.

Until today, the large bulk of those millions had no concept she was transgender. It wasn’t something she had actually ever revealed, and though she states she had actually prepared to share that reality with fans ultimately, she wished to do it when she felt prepared.

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Unfortunately, that right was taken from her by people who threatened to go to journalism and out her as transgender for cash.

Nikkie maximized the scenario, selecting to come out on her own in a video posted to her YouTube channel:


“Today I am here to share something with you that I’ve constantly wished to show you one day, however under my own situations,” she stated in the video, “and it appears like that opportunity has actually been removed from me. Today, I am taking back my own power and I have to inform you something.”

“When I was more youthful I was born in the incorrect body, which suggests that I am transgender,” she stated. She informed her entire story, describing that she dressed solely in ladies’ clothes from the time she was 7 or 8, and was totally transitioned by age 19. She likewise stated she does not desire to be recognized with a label that she believes isn’t essential.

“I am NikkieTutorials, and I am Nikkie,” she stated. “I am me. We do not require labels. If we are going to put a label on it, yes, I am transgender. At the end of the day I am me.”

Without calling names, she stated, “I have actually been blackmailed by individuals that wished to leakage my story to journalism.” She stated she constantly wished to share her real and complete identity with her fans, however at the very same time, she wished to keep her channel concentrated on her makeup artistry. That sounds decent and completely affordable, does not it?

Nikkie deserves to share whatever she desires, and it’s awful that this statement wasn’t really made on her own terms or on her own timeline. Nobody ought to ever feel required to come out prior to they wish to. Nobody ought to ever feel threatened over who they are or how they determine.

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While she has actually made lemonade out of lemons and developed a favorable, uplifting, genuine coming out video, the method it happened was entirely undesirable. Not just is blackmail incorrect– revealing oneself as transgender is a really individual thing. Nikkie has actually now openly related to a neighborhood that will no doubt welcome her with open arms, however she has actually likewise been required to open herself as much as transphobic ridicule and prospective abuse. That should not be the truth of being transgender, however stats inform us it is. And individuals ought to get to select when and if they make that statement.

It likewise should not matter. As Nikkie states in her video, “I’m sharing it with you now, however absolutely nothing modifications.” Plainly, she’s a gifted makeup artist and appeal vlogger or she would not have the enormous following she has. The truth that she’s a transgender lady makes absolutely no distinction in her work, and she should not have actually needed to share that details with her fans unless and till she wished to.

You do not need to completely comprehend somebody’s identity to appreciate their right to personal privacy and individual company. Embarassment on the opportunists who required her to come out prior to she was all set and excellent. They are the only individuals in this entire circumstance who ought to feel embarrassed of who and what they are.

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