Jessica Simpson Spills SERIOUS John Mayer Relationship Tea – From ‘Sexual Napalm’ To Alcohol Abuse!! – Perez Hilton

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Well, Jessica Simpson s tell-all continues to be outright FIRE.

The Dukes of Hazzard star is spilling all the tea in her approaching narrative Open Book, consisting of extremely individual stories of dependency and abuse.

We currently saw excerpts in which the 39-year-old confessed to a prolonged trick dependency to “drinking and tablets.” Now People has more from the fiercely prepared for book, and it’s from an especially juicy chapter in her life: her relationship with John Mayer .

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Jessica remembers fulfilling the Your Body Is A Wonderland vocalist at a Clive Davis Grammy celebration in 2005, where he enhanced her on the tune With You. She was flattered and started a correspondence with him despite the fact that she was still wed to Nick Lachey !

After her divorce she started delicately dating, however Mayer informed her “he wished to have all of me or absolutely nothing.” Hmm. We’re at 60% hot, 40% scary on that, however it dealt with Jessica. She composed:

“He’d stroll into a space and get his guitar and you’d swoon. I didn ’ t truly understand the guy behind the guitar. Which was my objective.”

The 2 outdated privately for months, and what Jessica keeps in mind most was the vocalist’s strength:

“Again and once again, he informed me he was consumed with me, sexually and mentally.”

OK, we’re now at 50/50. LOLz!

However, that strength indicated he wasn’t as chill in a great deal of locations you desire. Jessica composes:

“I continuously fretted that I wasn’ t wise enough for him. He was cured and so smart discussion like a friendly competitors that he needed to win.”

That sounds quite frustrating, in fact. Particularly thinking about the reality she was so typically viewed as a dumb blonde thanks to some viral minutes from her truth program * cough * Chicken-of-the-Sea * cough *

Mayer’s ambiance caused a lot insecurity she remembers she utilized to get pals to check her text to him for grammar errors.

“My stress and anxiety would increase and I would put another beverage. It was the start of me depending on alcohol to mask my nerves.”

Wow, she isn’t precisely blaming John Mayer for her decade-long drinking issue, however is she indicating the relationship as a prompting event. That’s quite darn severe. Not surprising that they were separating and returning together a lot. As she composes:

“He enjoyed me in the manner in which he might and I liked that love for a long time. Too long. And I went back and forth with it for a very long time. It did manage me.”

Eventually obviously it ended for excellent, when John’s “cleverness” got him into problem, and he seriously crossed the line in a Playboy interview, infamously calling his on-again, off-again sweetheart “sexual napalm.” Jessica remembers:

“He believed that was what I wished to be called. I was floored and humiliated that my grandma was really gon na check out that.”

Your grandma checks out Playboy!.?.!?? LOLz!

In all severity, it was seriously out-of-bounds to discuss their sex life without her consent. As she states:

“A lady and how they remain in bed is not something that is ever discussed. It was stunning.”

That was all she composed for the vocalist. Not even a Dear John letter.

“He was the most faithful individual on earth and when I check out that he wasn’ t, that was it for me. I removed his number. He made it simple for me to leave.”

Jess has basically forgiven her ex, though she likewise does not look like she believes he 100% comprehends what he did incorrect

“I understand that he’ s openly said sorry and I put on’ t wish to take that far from him. I believe he understands a great deal of this about me currently however he doesn’ t understand the point of view I have as a lady. That was Jess in her 20s.”

Have YOU ever had a relationship like this? What’s the most a partner has actually ever humiliated you ?? Write your own tell-all in the remarks (listed below)!

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