Psychologist slammed for saying Big Pharma, NBA murdered Kobe Bryant

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Dr. Umar Johnson, a psychologist and Pan-African activist, is under fire for proposing a conspiracy theory about the death of Kobe Bryant .

Johnson, a recognized conspiracy theorist, declared on Monday that someone damaged Bryant’s helicopter , triggering it to crash. Johnson states his death came as an outcome of a legal fight he was invested in with a Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, which desired the legal rights to his label “Black Mamba.”

“They did not crash since of the fog, that was a professional pilot,” Johnson stated. After consistently discussing Bryant’s pharmaceutical fight . “Kobe was screwed up. Radar can translucent the fog. It wasn’t no wind, the prop was undermined.”

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that Hi-Tech’s Black Mamba item is a set of low-grade diet plan tablets, according to the Atlanta Black Star .

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More just recently, Johnson declared on Instagram Live that he thinks the NBA is a suspect in his individual examination into Bryant’s death. In the video, after his phone fell off the stand, he declared to be proof that his conspiracies hold true.

“As quickly as I discuss the NBA in the very first suspect of Kobe’s death, my mobile phone get blown off the stand,” he stated. “That’s not evidence. It’s still arguable, however it’s an excellent piece of proof.”

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