Why Are Some Pandas Great At Climbing Trees And Others Are Just Not?

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No one would ever recommend pandas are elegant. Short of limb, basically round, and astoundingly proficient at falling out of trees, they’ re the slapstick stars of the animal kingdom. They are bears, and bears are implied to be great at climbing up trees, so why are pandas … not? Well, it ends up some are, simply not all.

A collective task saw scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology research study child huge pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China (it’ s a hard task however somebody needs to do it) to examine the climbing up abilities of the fluffy comics. They found that those that can scaling a trunk had an uncommon flair to assist them; they utilized their heads — actually.

“ There have actually been nearly no research studies on any bear types, specifically on climbing up. This research study is the very first of them and we are wishing to take a look at various bear types and their climbing up capabilities as they age. This will enable us to comprehend how climbing up establishes as the animals get older, ” Andrew Schulz, a preservation physicist at Georgia Tech, who provided their findings at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology conference in Texas recently, informed IFLScience.

Schulz and coworker, Rose Zhao, an undergrad in Medical Engineering at Georgia Tech, observed 1-year-old pandas ’ efforts to climb up a purpose-built structure of bare tree trunks in their enclosure. The Chengdu Research Base runs a captive breeding program that intends to reintroduce pandas into the wild , so it is necessary to study and establish the abilities they will require to make it through.

If I fits, I sits. Andrew Schulz/Georgia Insitute of Technology

“ The point of this task is examining pandas’ capability to be fit for reintroduction. This has numerous parts that we assemble in the class consisting of climbing, balance, energy expense, thermoregulation, chewing rate. We chose that the very first one to deal with is climbing up as it is the main point pandas are understood to do, ” Schulz stated.


They discovered a broad variation in the children ’ climbing up abilities, however the ones who achieved success seemed utilizing their heads as an additional limb to assist grip as they shinned up the trees.

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