Doomsday Mom Lori Vallow Misses Deadline to Produce Missing Kids

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In the 6 weeks because Idaho cops revealed that Tylee and J.J. Vallow were missing out on, the examination into the brother or sisters’ disappearance has actually taken more turns than among their stepfather’s Mormon armageddon books.

And there’s most likely to be another one Thursday– the court-ordered due date for their mom, Lori Vallow, to produce them or deal with a contempt of court charge and possible arrest and extradition from Hawaii.

That’s where she and spouse Chad Daybell have actually been holed up because police officers began checking out the location of their kids, the deaths of their previous partners, and other unusual occurrences linked to the couple.

Last weekend, cops on the island of Kauai served Vallow with a court order signed by an Idaho judge, offering her 5 days to show up with 17-year-old Tylee and 7-year-old J.J., who was embraced and is autistic.

Ominously, authorities discovered no indication of the kids or any indicator that they had actually remained in Hawaii. Now, authorities in Kauai are waiting to see if Vallow abide by the order and brings an end to the unpleasant secret.

Kauai Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar informed The Daily Beast on Wednesday that he’s been associated with other missing out on individuals cases over the last years, “however I’ve never ever seen one with a lot of twists and turns.”

He did not understand if Vallow and Daybell had actually left Hawaii for Idaho, and Kauai cops did not return require remark. In Idaho, authorities are being really close-lipped since much of the child-protection case is sealed.

“We hope and hope that the kids will be produced or discovered which they are healthy and safe,” Madison County Prosecuting Attorney Rob Wood stated in a declaration.

A press reporter for East Idaho News, who remained in Kauai when cops stopped the couple with a search warrant last weekend and took their car, assailed them with concerns about the kids that they declined to respond to. Informed that individuals were wishing Tylee and J.J., Vallow had a two-word action: “That’s terrific.”

Beyond that, the newlyweds have actually just talked about the scenario in a single, quick declaration from an Idaho lawyer.

“Chad Daybell was a caring hubby and has the assistance of his kids in this matter. Lori (Vallow) Daybell is a dedicated mom and feels bitter assertions to the contrary. We eagerly anticipate dealing with the accusations once they have actually moved beyond speculation and report,” attorney Sean Bartholick stated.

Idaho cops preserve there’s a lot more than speculation at play. Nobody has actually seen the kids because late September. Daybell and Vallow got hitched not long after their previous partners passed away– deaths that are now under brand-new analysis. And they have actually declined to help cops in any method.

“We highly think that Joshua and Tylee’s lives remain in threat,” Rexburg cops stated last month.

“We highly think that Joshua and Tylee’s lives remain in risk.”

— Rexburg, Idaho, cops

Chad Daybell, 51, is a respected author of books focused on a Mormon audience. With titles like Days of Fury, Evading Babylon, and The Rise of Zion, they concentrate on end ofthe world situations and near-death circumstances.

A narrative, Living on the Edge of Heaven, brochures what he states were his own near-death experiences, throughout a cliff-jumping event when he was 17 and being struck by a wave at La Jolla Cove in California in his twenties.

“While his body was being tossed by the wave, his spirit was going to with his grandpa, who revealed him future occasions including his still-unborn kids,” an Amazon summary of the book checks out. “This mishap triggered his veil that separates mortal life from the Spirit World to remain partly open, so he typically feels as if he has a foot in both worlds.”

Lori Vallow, 46, was residing in Hawaii with her 4th other half Charles, Tylee, and J.J. when she apparently started checking out Daybell’s florid end-times prose and ended up being consumed with his worldview.

It’s unclear precisely how or when they fulfilled, however by 2018, she was included with a group called Preparing a People that place on conferences, podcasts and lectures for those who, as its site states, “eagerly anticipate the quickly coming modifications to our present Telestial way of living, and rejoice in the hope of a far much better world to quickly come!”

By then, Lori and Charles had actually moved from Hawaii to Arizona– and their 12-year marital relationship was on the rocks.

Family members have actually stated that Lori took Tylee and J.J. and vanished for weeks. Charles applied for divorce in February 2019, painting a troubling image of his better half .

He stated she had actually ended up being “compulsive about spiritual visions and near-death experiences” and declined to see a psychological health specialist. She declared to be “a god appointed to perform the work of the 144,000 at Christ’s 2nd being available in July 2020,” Charles composed in his petition, acquired by the Arizona Republic. If he interfered with her strategies, he stated she threatened to him eliminate him.

Charles didn’t go through with the divorce, however, withdrawing the petition a month later on. He decamped to Texas while Lori remained in Arizona. 4 months later on, he was dead.

On July 11, 2019, he appeared at Lori’s house to see J.J. and was shot to death by her sibling, Alex Cox, who informed cops it was self-defense. By his account , Charles entered an argument with Lori, ended up being physical and after that came at him with a baseball bat.

“We understood instantly that was incorrect,” Charles’ sis Kay Woodcock, who is likewise J.J,’s granny, stated at an interview previously this month . “It was a setup.”

Cox was not charged at the time and was discovered dead himself 5 months later on of unidentified causes. Arizona authorities have stated the case was still open at the time.

“Mother has actually just recently ended up being infatuated and sometimes compulsive about near death experiences and spiritual visions.”

— Charles Vallow, in a divorce petition

Within weeks of Charles Vallow’s killing, Lori relocated to Idaho with Tylee and J.J. Kay Woodcock and her spouse Larry, who reside in Louisiana, stated their contact with the little young boy ended up being more restricted. “That was really worrying to us,” Kay stated. By the end of September, J.J. was apparently no longer going to Rexburg Elementary School.

Over the next number of weeks, authorities in Arizona and Idaho looked out to 2 unusual events that have actually considering that handled higher significance.

On Oct. 2, Brandon Boudreaux– who remained in the middle of a divorce from Lori Vallow’s niece– was driving house from the health club in Glibert, Arizona, when a bullet came zooming into his car. He has actually stated cops informed him the Jeep that raced far from the scene was signed up to the late Charles Vallow.

A week later on, in Salem, Idaho, Chad Daybell’s other half, Tammy, 49, had actually simply returned from the supermarket when, as she explained to cops, she was assailed by somebody outfitted in black and a ski mask who pointed what seemed a paintball weapon at her. She required Chad and the individual removed.

“She wasn’t shot, and there wasn’t any proof to who it was. She figured it was a prankster. That’s what we composed it up as,” Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries informed the Rexburg Standard Journal. “She wasn’t hurt. Beyond what she informed us, we had absolutely nothing to go on.”

Ten days later on, there was another call from your house. Tammy was dead.

An obituary stated the mom of 5 grown kids “died in harmony in her sleep.” Her dad, Ron Douglas, informed a Salt Lake City TELEVISION station Chad called him sobbing, stating that Tammy had a coughing fit the night prior to and just never ever got up. Chad refused the death and an autopsy was noted as natural causes. When she was a freshman at Brigham Young University and rapidly wed, #peeee

According to the obituary, Tammy and Chad had actually satisfied. She supported the household while he continued his education and assisted him develop the Spring Creek Book Company, which released his books.

Tammy and Chad had actually been wed for almost 30 years, however within weeks of her death, he remarried– apparently taking a trip to Hawaii to get married with Lori.

By late November, the Woodcocks had actually grown extremely anxious about J.J. and Tylee and asked authorities to examine them. Chad and Lori stated the kids were with loved ones in Arizona when authorities revealed up. A fast check revealed that was not real, however when police officers returned the next day, the couple were gone. Private investigators found out the kids had actually not been seen in 2 months and, chillingly, that the couple had actually informed individuals that Tylee was dead or that Lori did not have kids.

“She wasn’t shot, and there wasn’t any proof to who it was. She figured it was a prankster. That’s what we composed it up as.”

— Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries

Now authorities were simply as worried as the Woodcocks– and not practically Tylee and J.J. In early December, they protected approval to exhume Tammy Daybell’s body to figure out if there was nasty play. (Autopsy outcomes have actually not been finished). And authorities in Arizona started examining Charles Vallow’s death with a brand-new eye.

Others started to reassess the couple. Nancy and Michael James, who run Preparing a People– which they refer to as a media business, not a spiritual company– composed on their site that they returned from a getaway to news of Tammy’s death.

“We thought about Chad Daybell a buddy, however have actually given that discovered of things we had no concept about,” they composed last month in a post that has actually because been eliminated . “We just recently discovered of Chad'&#x 27; s brand-new marital relationship to Lori Vallow a couple weeks after Tammy Daybell passed away … We did not understand Lori in addition to we believed we understood Chad.”

The Jameses revealed they were eliminating any material on their website from Daybell or Vallow. “We wish the reality of whatever occurred to be rapidly manifest,” they composed.

Those prayers would not be responded to. On Dec. 30, Rexburg authorities provided an amazing declaration , openly blasting Vallow for declining to work together with their look for her kids.

“We understand that the kids are not with Lori and Chad Daybell and we likewise know suggesting that Lori understands either the area of the kids or what has actually taken place to them. In spite of having this understanding, she has actually declined to work with police to assist us fix this matter,” they stated.

Police stated that Vallow had actually left Idaho, however they did not state where she was. That ended up being clear over the weekend when East Idaho News exposed that they remained in Hawaii . They moved into a townhouse condominium in a gated neighborhood surrounding a golf course where next-door neighbors stated they kept to themselves.

On Saturday, Kauai cops served Vallow with the kid protective order needing her to produce the kids in Idaho by Jan. 30. On Sunday, they stopped the couple at the Kauai Beach Resort, served search warrants and took their SUV away.

On Wednesday, the Woodcocks– who have actually set up a $20,000 benefit for info causing the return of Tylee and J.J.– flew from Louisiana to Idaho in the hopes that Vallow does appear with the kids.

It’s what everybody hopes, although almost every advancement in the event has actually just raised more concerns. As Tammy Daybell’s daddy, Ron Douglas, informed Fox 13: “Every time you peel a layer off the onion it makes you scratch your head.”

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