Trump’s Ebola Twitter freakout takes on a new light given his coronavirus response

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Back in 2014, in the lead as much as the midterm election, President Donald Trump struck the conservative media circuit– and the “send out tweet” button– consistently using his viewpoint on the Ebola break out, and epidemic that was frustrating West Africa at thee time.

In normally Trump style, he published his inner complaints and exposed his inner- germaphobe .

At one point, Trump required Obama hug everyone in the U.S. who might contract Ebola.

President Obama has an individual obligation to go to &welcome all individuals in the United States who contract Ebola!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 15, 2014


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From late July to early November 2014, Trump tweeted about the Ebola break out almost a 100 times , critiquing the CDC , Obama’s “ Ebola czar, ” the president, and a variety of others.