Twitter Is Losing It Over Google Docs’ Reportedly Massive Outage

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These Tweets About Google Docs Going Down On Jan. 27 Are Chaotic AF

On Monday, Jan. 27, lots of people got a significant case of the weekday scaries when they understood Google Docs appeared to not be working as an outcome of obvious issues with Google Drive. The function is important to lots of users’ workflow, and these tweets about Google Docs decreasing on Jan. 27 reveal individuals were high-key going crazy. Elite Daily connected to Google for discuss the reported blackout, however did not hear back at the time of publication.

Many staff members reported a drop in performance on Jan. 27 when many Google Drive users required to Twitter to grumble about the service and some associated apps obviously not working and avoiding them from accessing their files and other essential functions like Google Slides and Google Sheets spreadsheets.

When I initially attempted to access the function, I got a mistake message, which checked out: “Google Docs experienced a mistake. Please attempt refilling this page, or returning to it in a couple of minutes.” According to , Google Drive started experiencing a spike in problems at around twelve noon. While I was ultimately able to access my Google Drive, it appears lots of users are still experiencing problems at the time of publication.

Whether your workplace “came down into turmoil” as an outcome of the problem, you had a full-blown go nuts about unexpectedly losing access to files, or you just changed to another app to continue your day as if absolutely nothing had actually taken place, crowds of Twitter users required to the social networks platform to assess how they and their colleagues were handling #GoogleDocGate. Evaluating by the tweets, individuals are losing it.

The unanticipated interruption is simply a sobering tip of just how much many individuals count on innovation for day-to-day jobs, and users all over are banding together in uniformity due to the fact that the panic is genuine.

Only time will inform when everybody will have the ability to access their Google Drive when again, however in the meantime I ‘d advise heading to excellent old made Microsoft Word and kicking it old-fashioned for the day.

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