Adorable Comics That Hilariously Sum Up What Its Like Living With A Dog (New Pics)

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Pugs, pugs, pugs! We just can’t get enough! They’re friendly. They’re playful. And they deserve to be drawn by artists everywhere. We’ve collected some of artist Gemma Gené’s newest comic strips about her adorable pug named Mochi.

Prepare yourselves for a large dose of cuteness, wholesomeness, and that tingly feeling that you get in your stomach when you realize you’re in love (or kinda hungry). Upvote your favorite comics done by Gemma and drop us a comment with your thoughts. And be sure to share this post with anyone whom you suspect to be a doggo-lover!

If you’re like us, dear Pandas, no amount of comics about dogs can ever be enough, so check out our previous articles about Gemma and her pug right here, here, and here!




Gemma lives in New York, but she’s originally from Barcelona in Spain. Though she’s mainly known for her pub comic strips, in fact, she does a little bit of everything—from painting to sculpting. In her comics, she features not only Mochi, but also herself, her husband Peli, and Mochi’s brothers Huey and Duey who are also known as the Twinchis.

Over the years, the artist’s follower count has grown to a whopping 293k on Instagram and over 160k fans on Facebook.




“Mochi is a very happy and sweet pug that sees life in a particular way. He is super sweet and well behaved, but he can be very sassy and pretty much does whatever he wants,” Gemma wrote on her website.

She added: “His favorite activities include sleeping, eating and going for walks, especially when he is being carried.”




Though Gemma started the cartoon ‘157 of Gemma’ back in 2012 as a form of escapism from her Architecture final thesis, she stopped in 2013 when she moved to New York to become an architect and a visual artist. However, in 2014, she began drawing comics about lovable Mochi and posting them online for all of us to enjoy.

The Twinchis are Mochi’s twin rescued doggo-broskis who are very curious about the world and incredibly active. Unlike Mochi who enjoys lazing about.




If you’re thinking about rescuing a pug after looking at these comics (can’t blame you, I’m considering it, too), there are some things about this particular breed that you should know. After all, it’s better to be prepared than to have a bombshell of a surprise waiting for you down the line.

Chloe Tejada from Canadian Living explains that when she got her dog Rosie, she wasn’t aware that pugs follow their owners around everywhere. Everywhere. Pugs really are the clingy BFs and GFs of dogs. But way cuter.




Unfortunately, pugs aren’t the healthiest boys and girls in the world. They can develop a whole bunch of nasty health problems. From food allergies and breathing problems to forcing you to take care of their eye and nose folds. So if you want to raise a pug, you ought to know that it’s going to require lots and lots of maintenance. And attention. And cleaning up after, cuz, boy, do they shed a lot.












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