Sydney From ‘The Bachelor’s High School Yearbook Started A Huge Twitter Fight | Betches

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Hello, and invite back to yet another upgrade on what is quickly the messiest season of The Bachelor, like ever. Both on and offscreen, things are essentially a catastrophe at this moment, and today we’re handling an entire mess of social networks drama that’s everything about Sydney’s high school life. Y’ all, I am so worn out, however the drama of Bachelor country awaits nobody.

On Monday night’s episode , Sydney opened to Peter about how she was bullied in high school. She informed him that she consumed lunch in the restroom every day, and essentially had no good friends. As all of us understand, it’s basically a requirement to be a Bachelor entrant that you need to have a sob story, and Sydney should have noticed that she required to kick the water supply aspect into high equipment to purchase herself an additional week on the program.

But as we’ve all found out through many spoilers and social networks scandals , The Bachelor does not exist in a bubble, and this sh * t was bound to permeate into the outdoors world. It didn’t take long, and while the episode was actually still airing, among Sydney’s high school schoolmates published photos from their yearbooks, stating she would offer them for $200 a pop. This would have been perfectly unpleasant regardless, however the real images are extremely crucial. On the program, Sydney has stated that she’s not a fan of pageants and pageant ladies, however in all 4 yearbook images, she is COMPETING IN A PAGEANT. Oh my god, even Mike Fleiss’ wicked brain could not dream this up.

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