X Games Paralympian gets new cutting-edge prosthesis for Adaptive Snow BikeCross

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The brand-new innovation is created to assist Schultz, who is a nine-time X Games gold medalist and a gold and silver medalist from the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in snowboarding, contend in Adaptive Snow BikeCross.


The professional athlete stated: “ My prosthetic leg system essentially imitates suspension for my body and helps and soaks up effects with knee extension while I ’ m moving on my bike. Ican adjust the positioning and tune the spring and hydraulic resistance to accommodate the sport and surface I ’ m utilizing it for, which is distinct to my styles. ”

The brand-new knee andfoot parts were created with digital producer Protolabs.

“It was an honor to come together with among the world ’ s elite Paralympic professional athletes to develop parts for a next-level prosthesis that allows him to complete at peak efficiency. This cooperation is a terrific example of the life-improving and motivating items that can be attained with the assistance of innovative production, ” Protolabs stated in a declaration.

They included: “ We share Mike ’ s dedication to constant enhancement and decision to accomplish things that were formerly believed to be challenging, and even difficult.”

Schultz, a local of rural Minnesota , has actually been constructing back considering that his life-altering injury in winter season of 2008.

“ I was tossed from my device and landed feet initially, on effect,”he stated.” My left knee hyperextended 180 degrees triggering a substance fracture of my tibial plateau, which severed the primary artery that provided my lower leg. The enormous injury and blood loss triggered significant problems, and 3 days later on we needed to cut off simply above the knee. ”

Schultz stated he has constantly had an excitement for experience, and he ’ s grateful that existing innovation permits him to continue to best of his craft.

The brand-new innovation is created to assist “ Monster ” Mike Schultz, who is a nine-time X Games gold medalist and a gold and silver medalist from the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in snowboarding, complete.(“ Monster ” Mike Schultz)

“ I ’ ve constantly had a competitive character and take pleasure in pursuing an obstacle, both physically and psychologically,”he stated.”I like the sensationof achievement when I set a lofty objective and I need to carry out and prepare in order to fulfill it. The more difficult I need to work for something, the more determined and thrilled I get. “


He included: “ I enjoy the procedure of training and seeing my individual development as I work my method towards the objective. Being an expert athlete, particularly an adaptive professional athlete, challenges both body and mind to another level.”

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