There’s A Viral Theory That Jameela Jamil Has Munchausen, & She’s Clapping Back | Betches

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In the previous number of years, Jameela Jamil has actually regularly been among the most outspoken stars on social networks. Whether taking on psychological health problems on Instagram, calling out the Kardashians for their bothersome posts, or entering into warm water for tweets about George W. Bush , Jameela constantly speaks her mind. Even though Jameela Jamil is no complete stranger to getting included in social media debate, even for her, this newest drama is extreme. She’s been implicated of having Munchausen Syndrome, and she’s not taking it gently.

Several weeks earlier, Tracie Egan Morrissey , manufacturer and host of the Pot Psychology podcast, published a series of Instagram stories about Munchausen, in which she noted a number of stars that she believes may have the syndrome, consisting of Jameela Jamil. According to the Cleveland Clinic , Munchausen, now called “factitious condition troubled self,” is a condition in which “an individual consistently acts as if she or he has a physical, cognitive or psychological condition when, in fact, she or he has actually triggered the signs.” This is generally done to acquire compassion and attention. You most likely understand it from The Act , or the Deedee Blanchard murder .

In her preliminary stories, Morrissey consisted of particular quotes and examples of Jameela Jamil speaking about several injuries and health concerns she’s suffered, consisting of 2 bouts with cancer , being deaf as a kid , and back damage . Those stories were simply the idea of the iceberg, however, and recently, Morrissey released into a deep dive on Jameela Jamil’s lots of, lots of health problems. You ought to see the complete story emphasize if you desire all the videos and complete background, however needless to state, as soon as Jameela saw the stories, she wasn’t happy.

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