WhatsApp hits 2 billion users

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New York (CNN Business)WhatsApp has actually collected 2 billion users, up from 1.5 billion by the end of 2017, the business revealed on Wednesday.

Despite its size, WhatsApp’s development stays robust: It has actually gotten 500 million brand-new clients over the previous 2 years.
WhatsApp promotes its end-to-end file encryption innovation , which guarantees that all contents in chats are protected by default. Not even WhatsApp can listen or check out messages to calls that happen amongst the individuals of discussions, according to WhatsApp’s post.

        In October, United States Attorney General William Barr asked Facebook to hold-up its strategies to secure messages on its platform, pointing out that details connecting to terrorism and sex trafficking can be spread out throughout encrypted messaging apps.
        WhatsApp highly protects its file encryption innovation. “We will not jeopardize on security since that would make individuals less safe,” according to WhatsApp’s statement on Wednesday. “For a lot more security, we deal with leading security specialists, utilize market leading innovation to stop abuse along with supply methods and controls to report problems — without compromising personal privacy.”

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