A teen is petitioning to get the Super Bowl moved to Saturday, and he kind of has a point

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Many individuals, like New York teenager Frankie Ruggeri, believe that having the Super Bowl on a Sunday is a bad concept. As Ruggeri argues, you wind up keeping up late on Sunday night to enjoy the video game, making it more difficult to get up for school or work the Monday early morning after. Unlike a lot of individuals who decide to suffer through the Monday early morning post-game hangover at work, Ruggeri is putting his cash where his mouth is and began a petition to get the NFL to alter Super Bowl Sunday to Super Bowl Saturday.

Ruggeri understood after talking with his household about the playoffs. “Why not have a kid state, ‘How about the Super Bowl be on a Saturday?” Ruggeri informed CNN . Far, over 23,000 individuals have actually signed Ruggeri’s petition on Change.org.

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In addition to making it much easier to work on Monday, Ruggeri believes that the NFL would get more cash and more individuals would take a trip to the Super Bowl if it occurred on Saturday. “It will get more cash and get more visitors to the video game. Due to the fact that a lot of federal government tasks have off, the NFL will get more tv views. need to more kids to enjoy their cherished video game on TELEVISION or at location. The majority of your championship game are on Saturday. Most likely need to costs since more visitors will go, [sic] checks out the petition .

Ruggeri in fact did his research study on the problem, and discovered the statistics to support his argument. A 2019 study performed by The Workforce Institute discovered that more than 17 million United States workers may miss out on work the day after Super Bowl LII. Another research study released in the New England Journal of Medicine took a look at Super Bowls in between 1975 and 2001, and discovered that there was a 41% boost in car mishaps following the Super Bowl.

People might dislike that the Super Bowl is on Sunday, however it does not stop them from viewing it. Even with the Sunday slot, the Super Bowl is still accountable for 9 out of the 10 most-watched tv programs in history.

The NFL has actually likewise formerly specified that viewership is more powerful on Sunday nights. “That [concept] has actually been around for a long period of time, individuals have actually discussed that,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated when going over the concern on The Kyle Brandt Football Experience . “The factor we have not done it in the past is merely just from an audience perspective. The audiences on Sunday night are a lot bigger. Fans wish to have the very best chance to be able to see the video game and we wish to consider that to them, so Sunday night is a much better night.”

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In 1961, Congress passed the Sports Broadcasting Act , which set the precedent for expert football video games airing on Sundays. The law obstructed the broadcast of expert video games used Fridays and Saturdays throughout high school and college football season so that the NFL would not poach the interest in high school and college football.

CBS Sports proposed a compromise, put the video game on the Sunday prior to Presidents Day. “Most individuals have that Monday off, so you get all the enjoyable of a Saturday night Super Bowl, however with the video game being used a Sunday,” CBS Sports composed in 2018.

For now, the Super Bowl is staying on Sunday, however if you wish to be the modification you wish to see worldwide, you can get on over to Change.org and sign Ruggeri’s petition.

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