‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ final season begins with a bang and intrigue

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The arrival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ last season is the type of accomplishment the Jedi of old may’ve managed. Canceled prematurely not long after Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm (and with a reduced 6th season dropped on Netflix ), monitoring director Dave Filoni exposed at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018 that Disney+ would provide fans the closure they had actually been wishing for after lots of invested numerous years marketing for the program’s revival.

The Clone Wars is likewise debuting in rather a various landscape in a galaxy far, far. Given that the last batch of episodes premiered in 2014, we got a whole Star Wars trilogy, 2 standalone movies (Rogue One and Solo), 2 totally brand-new Star Wars animated series (Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Resistance), and a complete season of The Mandalorian. Based upon the very first 2 episodes offered to critics, it fits right into the ever-expanding Star Wars universe with plenty to lure long time audiences.

While The Clone Wars was constantly mainly about the experiences of Anakin Skywalker (Matt Lanter), Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor), and Anakin’s one-time apprentice Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) throughout the Clone Wars, it was constantly a much bigger and extensive story, which were typically structured like a wartime radio newsreel serials with a quick wrap-up by voice star Tom Kane as the Narrator at the start of every episode. Whole arcs were dedicated to the exploits of Maul without the Sith, Yoda, and a program of Republic Clone cannon fodders, to name a few. It’s that last group– that includes Captain Rex, a clone leader who (small spoiler) makes a look in another Star Wars residential or commercial property– that is at the center of The Clone Wars‘ Stretch of episodes.

Based on the incomplete “ Bad Batch ” arc (4 episodes in overall) that Lucasfilm at first launched online in 2015, it’s both familiar to those who’ve seen it while using a multitude of surprises for older and fans not familiar with those insufficient episodes alike. And with the focus mostly on Captain Rex and Clone Force 99 (who call themselves the Bad Batch), a group of “faulty clones with preferable anomalies,” as they try a high-risk objective deep in Separatist area.

Visually, The Clone Wars is spectacular. The animation includes the more advanced innovation established in the years because the program’s cancellation (including what we saw in Rebels) Without deserting the more angular styles of the characters. It’s a bit softer in general, however it’s much clearer and detailed, which actually permits the fights and skirmishes in the sky and on the ground to truly pop. The start of The Clone Wars‘ last season likewise, more so than ever, starts to highlight simply how significant the war actually is and simply who, generally, is required to handle the brute of it.

Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, and an excellent piece of The Clone Wars all zeroed in on the grander story and the battle in between the Jedi and the Sith; if the trailer is any indicator, we’re going to get a few of those stories, consisting of the long-fabled Siege of Mandalore , in the last season.

But The Clone Wars specifically went to fantastic lengths to reveal audiences the bigger expense of war, one that extends beyond the Senate or the Jedi leaders; when we’ve lost clones we’ve invested numerous seasons with in the past, we cared. With the last season beginning from the clones’ perspective, The Clone Wars advises us that it’s not forgotten that point. And while we understand– thanks to Revenge of the Sith— that Anakin will ultimately fall, when he does, we’ll feel all that he’ll be removing together with his own mankind much more.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ seventh season premieres Feb. 21 on Disney+, which will debut brand-new episodes weekly.

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