She spent nearly a record year in space. When she finally got home, her dog was over the moon.

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Christina Koch launched into area on March 14, 2019, on what would be a historical 328 days at the International Space Station (ISS).

Over that time, she became part of the first-ever all-female spacewalk. She likewise set a record for the longest single spaceflight by a female. While at the ISS, she conduced 6 spacewalks, costs over 42 hours outside the station.

Koch and team performed numerous experiments at the ISS, concentrating on innovation advancement, biology, and the look for proof of dark matter.

“I didn’t always understand what this objective was going to develop into when I introduced,” Koch informed ABC News. “But I believe among the important things about the astronaut corps is that we are taught to be versatile and to be prepared for anything in an objective that comes our method.”

After almost a year in area, Koch was undoubtedly delighted to make it house on Thursday. You understand who looked even more thrilled? Her pet dog LBD (brief for Little Brown Dog).

Koch published a video of their reunion Thursday on social networks and it’s rapidly gone viral. As LBD sees Koch turning up the driveway, he scratches the door and his tail whips around like insane. When Koch comes through the door he can’t stop licking her face.

“Not sure who was more thrilled. Grateful she remembers me after a year!”Koch composed on Twitter.

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