Review: Hulus ‘Devs’ is a brilliant work of near-future science fiction

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Alex Garland ‘s last task, the fantastic sci-fi/horror film, was tough to go over in easy terms. Hulu chose to intensify this issue for critics evaluating his brand-new miniseries Devs by carrying out such a substantial list of prohibited spoilers that we can’t actually describe what it’s about. On the surface area, it’s an 8-episode drama embeded in Silicon Valley, following a tech employee called Lily Chan (Sonoya Mizuno) whose partner goes missing out on while working for the quantum computing business Amaya. It’s “about” this in the exact same sense that Annihilation is “about” an alien attack, which is to state: technically that’s the plot. Thematically, Devs is worried about sorrow, security, and the method world-changing technological advances are formed by the unpleasant human feelings of their developers.


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