‘Bachelor’ Contestant Victoria Fuller’s ‘Cosmo’ Cover Pulled Over Her ‘White Lives Matter’ Modeling Campaign! – Perez Hilton

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Despite being included on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Cosmopolitan mag is stagnating forward with its unique cover shoot starring Peter Weber .

In case you missed it, the shiny used the winner of a group date in Costa Rica the possibility to appear on a digital cover of their March problem with pilot Pete. Candidate Victoria Fuller stood apart from the pack of staying females and came out that difficulty triumphant after flaunting her remarkable modeling chops!

However, Cosmo Editor-in-chief Jessica Pels has actually exposed those enjoyable images will not be released on their website!

In an open letter entitled, “Why We’re Not Publishing the Cosmo Bachelor Cover,” Pels discussed the choice was made after old pictures of Fuller using “White Lives Matter” clothes started making the rounds online.

“Unequivocally, the White Lives Matter motion does not show the worths of the Cosmo brand name. We stand in uniformity with Black Lives Matter, and any cause that battles to end oppressions for individuals of color.”

Pels stated when their group was asked to get involved on the program, they had no concept who the ladies were nor any info about their particular backgrounds till weeks later on:

“When it came time for me to select the winner of the obstacle– whose reward was a digital cover of Cosmo— all I learnt about the participants were their given names and the energy they communicated through the cam lens. It wasn’ t up until a couple of weeks ago that Ilearnt that the lady I ’d selected had, in her past, designed in an advertising campaign using White Lives Matter clothing.”

In screenshots of the questionable project, Fuller is seen rocking a blue baseball cap with “WLM” printed throughout the top. The ad was for an evident marlin preservation group that concentrated on avoiding blue and white marlin from being overfished other than they utilized the phrasing and branding of White Lives Matter and included the Confederate flag in a number of its images.

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