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On last night’s episode of The Bachelor, it truly looked like it was Victoria F’s time to go. Her home town date with Peter didn’t go excellent, and ended with her generally gaslighting him into excusing something that was certainly her fault. As we’ve seen time and time once again this season, Peter did what the manufacturers desired The unforeseen, and kept Victoria F. He needs to REALLY wish to go to the windmill with her, due to the fact that there is definitely no chance he believes he’s getting engaged to this lady. (He can’t believe that, right?) I digress, since I’m not here to talk about what’s really occurring on the program. That’s because, likewise on Monday, Victoria F’s old mugshot emerged , and with it, a gold mine of legal history that I seem like we require to discuss.

The Bachelor legal news this weekend started on Sunday, when Bachelor alum and two-time Paradise candidate Jubilee Sharpe was charged with a DUI in West Palm Beach. Jubilee’s arrest, while a significant yikes minute, was quite low-level Bachelor news. I indicate, we’re in the middle of among the messiest seasons ever, so a previous candidate’s random DUI arrest does not feel that pertinent. Then, the Bachelor gods blessed us, and revealed the one mugshot that I truly desired to see: Victoria F.

6:09 pm PST

On Monday afternoon, Page Six reported that, back in 2017, Victoria F was detained fordriving while intoxicated in Virginia Beach. That’s a DWI, in case you’re bad with abbreviations. After the arrest, Victoria was at first sentenced to a year in jail, however that wound up getting suspended. Regrettable, since she absolutely might’ve been the brand-new star of Love After Lockup. Rather, she invested 2 years on probation , and had a limited license that just let her drive to work, school, and alcohol security classes. Perhaps we’ll hear the complete story on The Women Tell All, however Victoria will most likely simply state that the Virginia Judiciary site is spreading out lies about her.

Speaking of the Virginia Judiciary site , it ends up Victoria F has a quite comprehensive history when it pertains to driving-related mess-ups. While her DWI is the most major thing on her record, there are no less than 13 charges that show up when you look for her! THIRTEEN. I got one speeding ticket when I remained in college, and I believed my life was over, so it’s truly exceptional that our sweet, psycho Victoria F has actually acquired a rap sheet like this.

Of the charges noted, 7 are for speeding, which like, damn. I understand everybody speeds when they drive(other than my papa, and it’s incredibly frustrating ), however you would believe after the very first 4 or 5 speeding tickets, you ‘d take a tip and simply take your foot off the gas a bit. The VA Judiciary website easily offers all of us the details, consisting of the speed she was driving vs. the speed limitation, and this is now formally my preferred site.

Aside from speeding, Victoria has actually likewise been pulled over for not using her seat belt, stopping working to yield when going into the highway, and prohibited belongings of alcohol when she resembled, 19. Ridiculous Victoria, everybody understands when the police officers separate the celebration you’re expected to conceal in the bushes. What is this, amateur hour?

Two of the more intriguing charges are for “OPERATE/PERMT OP UNLIC MTR VEH,”which through some extreme Googling, I’ve found out methods allowing or running operation of an unlicensed automobile. This indicates that she was either driving an unregistered automobile, or she owned an unregistered automobile that she let another person drive. Yes, I’m essentially Judge Judy now, thanks for asking. These 2 occurrences were likewise almost 3 months apart, so was she actually driving with ended license plates that entire time? I took a look at the Virginia DMV site (the only time I’ve ever voluntarily considered the DMV) and it just costs like $40 to register your vehicle. There is truly no reason.

So we now understand that Victoria F is not just extremely dubious on the program, however she is likewise a bad motorist. How could Peter like a lady with such an outright neglect for traffic laws? I indicate, I wear ’ t believe he does like her, however that hasn ’ t stopped him from sending out house less disorderly females like Kelley and Kelsey in favor of Victoria ’ s insaneness. Whatever, this season is garbage.

One more bit that I simply believed was enjoyable– Victoria’s latest hearing was last October for among her speeding charges, and the date of the hearing was practical. From Reality Steve’s real-time spoilers , we understand that Victoria’s home town date was shot in Virginia Beach on October 28th, simply days after Victoria needed to appear in court. That’s sooooo sweet of the Bachelor manufacturers to work their travel schedule around Victoria F’s court dates! Amusing, I wager when Peter resembled” what have you depended on in your home?”, I question Victoria pointed out that she litigated for actually the hundredth time.

Personally, I feel that this legal history is simply another engaging reason Victoria F ought to definitely be the next Bachelorette. They constantly desire the most significant season ever, and I believe that Victoria would provide. Simply cast a lot of guys whose marital relationships she’s (supposedly)separated, in addition to Chase Rice , naturally. Whoever wants to get in the vehicle with her after seeing her driving record– they’re instantly the winner! Chris Harrison, do not let me down!

Images: ABC; Virginia Judiciary

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