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We understand Dog The Bounty Hunter is going through an unimaginably tough time today. He lost Beth Chapman , his partner of 13 years, to cancer last June and is still residing in a state of psychological destruction.

That stated WTF was he believing?!

In case you didn’t see, Dog appeared on Dr. Oz 2 weeks ago with Beth’s buddy Moon Angell to react to reports they were dating. She had actually moved into his house, seemingly to assist the current widower; nevertheless, critics consisting of Dog’s children implicated her of “moving in on a guy weeks after losing his partner.”

The option Dog, aka Duane Chapman, created to address the debate? Ask her to wed him on TELEVISION!

In a brand-new, more meaningful interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, Duane lastly discussed himself, stating very first:

“I am extremely lonely.”

He went on to state he discovered solace in his assistant since “she understood Beth.”

“And she spoke about Beth continuously, Remember what Beth utilized to inform us,’ and obviously I would light right up when she ‘d state that. I was enamored with a dream.”

Well, that sounds unhealthy and terribly delusional. At least he acknowledges that now.

As we understand, the 2 no longer live under the exact same roofing , however they have actually obviously had the ability to keep in routine contact:

“She still works for me, and looks after the financial resources. I sort of ashamed her a bit and I should not have.”

For those questioning, no, Moon did NOT understand he was going to propose; her shock was authentic:

“I swear on my mom and on Beth that [the Dr. Oz proposition] was not practiced. And you saw Dr. Oz was even like, Oh my god. ‘I understood I was gon na do it method prior to I done it, and I stated, This will stop these reports.”

Really? Since that minute raised method more concerns for us than it closed!

BTW, here’s the whole interview, with the proposition beginning about 12 minutes in:

For Duane it wasn’t about wifing Moon since he never ever anticipated her to state” yes.”For him it had to do with making a point, mainly we believe to himself:

“When I stated it, I believe I had to do with all set to sob, however I understood that she would state no, and when she stated no, that did it. And 98 percent of the reports disappeared, the lies disappeared.”

We’re not exactly sure that’s real.

Especially thinking about Dog needed to repeat to ET that he and Moon were not romantic though he shamefully confessed he would have dated her if she had actually enjoyed it:

“Yes, I am going to be sincere with you, sibling. Yeah, I believe I would have due to the fact that it was more available.”

It was something Angell informed him which pressed him away:

” No one will ever enjoy you like Beth did. You much better stop searching for that since there is no female alive that will ever like you like that.’ Male or lady, you are looking for that once again when you lose a partner. You look for that and for somebody to inform you that, it kind of stopped me dead in my tracks. I’m like, wow, so she’s type of cold-blooded. She understands how to stop me which’s type of a direct point.”

But that does not indicate Dog will never ever date once again for the rest of his life. He states “it’s practically time” to return out there. For now he’s on unstable footing:

“I can perhaps go out with a woman and consume and date a little, if that’s a date? Where, how, do you date today? I’ve forgotten!”

One thing he can’t forget, he’ll always remember, is Beth. Whatever individuals consider his actions with Moon being rude, the expression TOO SOON implies more to Duane than anybody else. He states:

“Oh, I miss her. 8 months, that’s the worst part, it appears like the other day and they state time heals all injuries.’ No, it doesn’ t.”

Nor, it appears, do unsuitable telecasted propositions of marital relationship.

[Image by means of Dr Oz/ YouTube .]

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