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Back in my early twenties and late teenagers (f * ck, I’m so old), I attempted 4 various contraceptive pill. No matter which tablet I was on, I kept seeming like a raving bitch with no control of my feelings, getting killer headaches, and acquiring a lot of weight from being very puffed up all the time. The tablet absolutely assisted to handle my ovarian cysts and keep me from getting pregnant, which is terrific, however I do not intend on going back on it ever once again due to the fact that of how adversely it affected my physical and psychological health.

So WTF do I do now to not get pregnant and pass away? Absolutely nothing! JK. I’ve been utilizing a mix of prophylactics and the calendar approach by means of a fertility tracking app (shout out, Clue ), which works well, as long as you understand when you aren and are’ t ovulating. My circulation is much heavier without hormone birth control, I feel my (agonizing) ovulation, my cramps feel like an infant beast is crawling its method through my reproductive system, and my cysts are quite irritating every month now, I’ ve felt SO much better, in control of my sensations, and like myself once again. 10/10 would advise dumping the tablet and doing the very same (health allowing, obviously).

Don’t get me incorrect. Since hormone birth control tablets didn’t work well for me does not imply they aren’t going to work for you, simply. They’re a very popular BC technique for a factor. When you really keep in mind to take them (unlimited thanks to phone alarms), contraceptive pill with estrogen and progesterone, or simply progesterone, can assist reduce ovulation, control unusual cycles, lower acne, reduce heavy circulations, and handle ovarian cysts from PCOS . They’ re simple to take and can likewise be quite inexpensive depending upon your insurance coverage, which is why it’ s generally the go-to BC approach. “ For girls who aren’ t prepared to have a kid and wishes to reduce the threat of having specific kinds of cancers, avoid undesirable pregnancies, making use of contraceptive pill is most likely the very best choice. When prepared for pregnancy, tablets can be stopped and pregnancy can be tried with no hold-ups, ” states Aykut Bayrak, MD , fertility expert and creator and Medical Director of LA IVF, a group of fertility centers in Southern California.

HOWEVER, there * may * be some awful negative effects if this is your primary approach, which I experienced first-hand for a couple of years. Let’ s simply leap right into the worst of it. According to Kecia Gaither , MD, MPH, FACOG, double board-certified in OB/GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine, Director of Perinatal Services at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, utilizing oral contraceptive tablets (OCPs) long-lasting might boost threat of breast or cervical cancer (however reduce danger of uterine, ovarian, and colorectal cancer!) and might boost liver growth development (which is unusual). Greattttt. On another note, Bayrak states the short-term cons might consist of headaches, irregular bleeding, bloating, identifying in the very first couple of months, irritation, state of mind swings, and increased threat of clotting. “ Most negative effects tend to vanish or reduce after a couple of months or can be handled by attempting various brand names that can generally have a various dosage and mix of hormonal agents, ” he includes.

All this is to state that if you’re not caring how you feel on the tablet and wish to change to a non-hormonal contraception, there are choices out there! Here are 8 popular non-hormonal contraception options and each of their efficiency rates.

IUDs (99% efficient)

Don’ t wan na be pregnant for a while? Don ’ t mind going through a fast treatment? Gaither states that an IUD can last about 10 entire years. “ An intrauterine gadget (IUD) is an extremely efficient, non-hormonal technique where a T-shaped little gadget is positioned inside the uterus which avoids pregnancy at a rate of 99%, ” includes Bayrak. He keeps in mind that it can trigger cramping and some irregular bleeding on the brief run, however it’ s usually well-tolerated in the long run. TBH, I’ ve heard both scary stories and pleased endings from good friends who’ ve had IUDs, so beware of the benefits and drawbacks prior to getting one. And, to be clear, there are IUDs that utilize hormonal agents, so I’m particularly speaking about the copper one here.

Condoms (98% efficient)

“Condoms are the worsttttt. They eliminate all feelingggg” — f * ckboys all over

Suck it TF up. Prophylactics are a fantastic alternative to taking that damn tablet every day. “ Condoms are suggested for all ladies who do not have a stable partner to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted illness, ” states Bayrak, contributing to remember that they need to be utilized from the BEGINNING of sexual intercourse till AFTER ejaculation strikes prevent pregnancy and STD direct exposure. (Meaning, no, f * ckboys all over, you can’t simply utilize it for the very first couple of strokes and call it efficient.) Prophylactics are extremely reliable (98%!) when utilized correctly. Simply constantly look for holes, tears, or bundle problems prior to utilizing.

Diaphragms (80-95% efficient)

The only time I’ ve ever seen a diaphragm remained in 8th grade health class. Like, I’ve never ever understood anybody under the age of 50 police to utilizing one. Obviously they’ re incredibly efficient, so joke’s on us. “ Diaphragm is an extremely reliable barrier contraceptive approach when utilized appropriately, however not a lot popular any longer due to problem of usage and positioning, ” states Bayrak. On that note, they’ re user-dependent so their efficiency varies from 80-95%. Gaither clocks in the typical efficiency rate at 94%. Plus, I saw an idea when (not a d * ck joke) where you can cut a prophylactic to produce a diaphragm at any time, so this may be an excellent concept … simply stating.

Permanent options (99% efficient)

If you currently have kids and put on’ t desire anymore, or if you understand for particular that you will never ever desire kids, there ’ s a long-term contraception technique for that. “ Tying of televisions (tubal ligation) or disturbance of the male tubes called birth control are extremely reliable approaches, ” states Bayrak. 99% efficient, to be precise. Keep in mind, this is a PERMANENT alternative so there’s no going back after you do it. If you’re definitely sure kids are not in the cards for you, it’ s a choice.

According to Gaither, other non-hormonal contraceptive alternatives consist of cervical cap + spermicide (failure rate 14-29%), spermicides (failure rate about 25-28%), sponges (80-91% efficient), and household preparation (75-88% efficient). Simply keep in mind that specific approaches (like iuds and calendars) put on’ t safeguard versus STIs, so beware and constantly utilize the best kinds of security where needed. And just like any kind of BC choice, she advises that “ it ’ s best to talk to your health service provider as some pre-existing conditions might prevent the administration of specific kinds of contraceptives. ” May the healthiest chances of avoiding pregnancy be ever in your favor.

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