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If you’ ve been living under a rock– or put on’ t register for The SUP yet for&some factor– you might not understand that for the previous what-seems-like-forever, the President has actually been under some sort ofexamination from misbehavior previous to running for president, to misbehavior throughout his&project to lastly, abusing his power while in workplace.

However, like any other mediocre white person, our guy Donald has method excessive unearned self-confidence, and, in an absolutely unsurprising relocation, is running for reelection come November.

Since insane sh * t comes out of the White House a minimum of two times a day, I believed it was very important to advise you of a few of the most absurd things you might have ignored.

We all understand that POTUS has an affinity for a particular social networks platform on which he quite regularly incriminates himself. I searched a platform and the web loaded with Donnie T. ’ s tweets to pull this list together, and now I wish to set myself on fire and cry for a while.You’re welcome!

If you ’ re a masochist and wish to go through the platform I utilized for, like, enjoyable or whatever, you can discover it here at http://www.trumptwitterarchive.com/

1. On Winning the Election

The electoral college is a catastrophe for a democracy.

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