From Rising Pornstar To Ghost: What Happened To Bambi Woods?

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You might not understand the name Bambi Woods, however you ’ ve most likely become aware of the adult movie Debbie Does Dallas. Made in 1978, it ’ s considered among the most essential movies of the “ Golden Age of Porn ” and stays among the most widely known pornographies to-date.

The plot focuses on a group of cheerleaders raising cash so their team captain, Debbie, can check out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Texas Cowgirls, based out of Dallas. Bambi Woods was the leading woman, playing Debbie. Report has it, Bambi had actually formerly checked out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in reality.

The movie offered and was a substantial hit 50,000 copies once it came out on video, which was a record-setting release for its time. A variety of spin-offs and follows up originated from Debbie Does Dallas, consisting of a Broadway musical. With popularity came debate.

For beginners, the imaginary group ’ s name and outfits were an outright recommendation to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. This didn ’ t agree with the(genuine )group, who chose to take legal action against the motion picture ’ s suppliers. They wound up winning their hallmark violation suit in the federal court, however the circumstance put them at chances with the mob.

At the time, much of the pornography market was moneyed by the mafia. Michael Zaffarano, a capo in the Bonanno criminal offense household, was the sole shareholder for Pussycat Cinema, Ltd. His Times Square cinema started revealing Debbie Does Dallas in 1978, total with a huge signboard including Bambi. The ad declared that Bambi Woods was an “ Ex Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleader. ” The movie was quickly pulled and scenes revealing the comparable outfits were modified out. The debate pressed Bambi even further into the spotlight.

Little is understood about Bambi ’ s life beyond Debbie Does Dallas, however we do understand from her own account that she wasn ’ t completely comfy starring in pornography. In this uncommon interview clip, she states how she owed pal cash and stated good friend, who was included with the adult home entertainment company, recommended she audition for the movie. After production was over, she still didn ’ t have enough to pay her good friend back, which led Bambi to unique dancing. Bambi ended up being an increasing star in the market, however due to her newly found popularity, her household discovered her adult movie profession. Presumably, this gave embarassment for Bambi and she chose to get out of the spotlight.

There ’ s really little details offered on what took place to Bambi in the years after Debbie Does Dallas. At that time, the adult movie market wasn ’ t strictly controlled. Bambi Woods is a phase name produced by Jim Clark, the director/producer of Debbie Does Dallas. Her genuine name has actually never ever been launched.

Bambi likely would have wandered off into obscurity if it weren ’ t for a 2005 post by an Australian paper, The Age, which declared that Bambi had actually passed away of a suspicious drug overdose in 1986. A documentary that came out that exact same year, Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered, declaresthat a private detective traced Bambi to Des Moines, Iowa where she was living a regular life. They declared that Bambi desired no additional participation with the movie or her previous profession.

A lady declaring to be Bambi stepped forward in 2007 for an interview with the blog site YesButNoButYes. The interview was done completely over e-mail and there doesn ’ t seem confirmation that the lady was in fact Bambi. Throughoutthe interview, “ Bambi ” disagreements much of the info that was launched in Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered, howeverdeclares that she is living a regular life beyond the spotlight.

The circumstance is definitely odd. One minute, a female is happily shown on a Times Square signboard, promoting the pornography that she stars in. The next, she ’ s allegedly humiliated by her popularity and vanishes, never ever to be spoken with once again.

Perhaps in the age of innovation, where we can learn whatever about an individual in simple seconds, it makes the scenarios additional suspicious. Naturally, individuals have actually leapt to conspiracy theories. Some think the OD story, others think mafia participation caused her death. It ’ s hard to cover our minds around a renowned adult movie star going unacknowledged for over 40 years, without a single pal or next-door neighbor spilling the beans. Without conclusive evidence, anything ’ s possible in the Bambi Woods MIA ordeal.


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