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It’s obvious that I enjoy speaking about the mess that is this season of The Bachelor. Or that I enjoy speaking about Kylie Jenner . Or that I LOVE discussing anything to do with Olivia Jade . Well, today needs to be my fortunate day, since the 3 things that I’m most enthusiastic about in this world have actually come together, and I’m so appreciative. Today, Pilot Pete was found at a celebration with Kylie, Stassie, and Olivia Jade, and I have many concerns that my brain can’t even develop them quickly enough.

The celebration, which was Valentine’s Day themed, was on Wednesday night, and Kylie and Stassie both Instagrammed pictures of their usually additional attire. And thanks to the power of Instagram stories, we got a within take a look at the celebration, exposing that our young boy Pilot Pete existed, in addition to Olivia Jade. In this clip, you can initially see Peter standing in the background, and after that you can hear him speaking about what occurred with Kelley on the program.

I truly can’t think that this video exists worldwide, however I am so happy it does. In case you could not truly hear, in the 2nd clip, Peter is heard off-camera stating “she’s like I require to talk with you,’ and I resembled all right,’ and it was Kelley.” What did we do to deserve this sort of excellence?

Naturally, upon seeing this video, my very first idea was “how/why the f * ck is Pilot Pete socializing with this team?” When I actually believed things through, it really makes a lot of sense. Bear with me, since there is much to unload. Let’s begin with the Tyler Cameron connection. Peter was on The Bachelorette with Tyler, and it appears like they’ve remained respectable buddies in the time because they were on the program together. As all of us understand, Tyler has actually been on rather the popularity odyssey because leaving the program, including his relationship with Gigi Hadid , and more just recently, reports that he was dating Stassie Karanikolaou .

That’s not all. Method back in November, paparazzi video cameras captured Tyler, Peter, and Dylan hanging out at a football video game with Kylie, Kendall, and Stassie. We understand that Peter at least fulfilled Kylie and Stassie practically 3 months back. THAT’S. NOT. ALL. Based upon her Instagram stories , we really understand that Kylie has actually been seeing The Bachelor this season, so it makes good sense that she ‘d wish to hear all the information about wtf occurred with Kelley. Yeah, after all that, I think it’s not SO unexpected that Peter would end up at the exact same celebration with Kylie and Stassie.

What I can’t actually describe is why this team is likewise socializing with Olivia Jade. Truthfully however, it’s not that out-there. Kylie, Stassie, and Olivia are all abundant kids of LA, and Kylie and Olivia are in fact just 2 years apart in age. I’m sure they’ve been around each other a lot throughout the years, and they can most likely bond over their love of makeup and not going to college.

Now that all the pseudo-explaining is over, let’s return to this season of The Bachelor. I need to state, Peter hanging out at celebrations like this makes me believe there’s extremely little possibility he winds up in any sort of severe relationship from the program. I suggest, I wasn’t actually that confident in the past, based upon what a sh * t reveal this season has actually been, however still. If Peter resembled, engaged to Hannah Ann or something today, I type of doubt she would be cool with Pete hanging out in Stassie’s basement. And we currently understand Victoria F would slash his tires .

And that’s it, I split the case. Sorry, got ta go, due to the fact that my brain is f * cking broken.

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