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On Thursday night, Katy Perry launched her brand-new tune and video, “Never Worn White”, and with the release, she made a huge statement: she and her fianc Orlando Bloom are anticipating their very first kid together. After being on and off for a couple of years, Katy and Orlando got engaged on Valentine’s Day of in 2015, and Katy’s brand-new tune is generally a love letter to Orlando. She sings that she’s never ever used white, however she’s all set to attempt with him, which she’s all set to make “a complete ancestral tree” together.

But while the focus of the brand-new tune is directly on her future partner, I could not discover however assist that it’s quite dismissive of her very first hubby. Does nobody else remember her mess of a marital relationship to Russell Brand ?? But she’s “never ever used white”? Something’s not building up here. I certainly saw her show documentary, in which she consistently breaks down since her marital relationship is breaking down. What does she indicate, never ever used white?

Well, it ends up she got us on a technicality. When she wed Brand in 2010, she was using a dove gray gown, which seems like essentially the exact same thing, however I think “Only Worn Dove Grey Once Before” does not have the exact same ring to it. Aside from the title, the tune likewise consists of some lyrics that makes it sound like Katy hardly keeps in mind that she’s been wed prior to. In the very first verse, she sings “I’ve based on the edge of love, however never ever took the leap.” Okay, I’ve never ever even remained in a severe relationship, however am I missing out on something? Is the leap not marital relationship? Exists another leap I’m uninformed of? Like, having a kid, I think? Idk, I seem like marital relationship is the primary leap here.

In the chorus, she states that she’s frightened, however “I truly wan na state I do.'” I can’t inform whether she’s imitating her very first marital relationship didn’t take place, or stating that she’s frightened due to the fact that it went so severely the last time. In any case, she has no f * cking time for Russell Brand, and it’s sort of incredible. She’s carrying huge Gigi Hadid “unbothered by your unimportant awful ass” energy, and I like it. Let’s not pretend that Orlando Bloom isn’t a big upgrade from Russell Brand.

But while Russell Brand can go shave his back now, Katy Perry is pregnant with Orlando Bloom’s child, and she looks f * cking remarkable. In the video, she initially uses a streaming white dress (so she HAS used white!), and after that shifts to an appearance that’s generally simply a mountain of flowers.

Is it simply me, or did everybody in fashion/music/entertainment see Midsommar in 2015 and instantly call their stylist? Simply stating, I seem like there have actually been a great deal of flower mound attire in the previous year, however I’m not mad about it.

On Twitter, Katy joked about her recently revealed pregnancy, stating that she’s thankful her days of drawing it in and bring huge bags are over. I have not been paying a great deal of attention to Katy Perry’s public looks recently, however I think her techniques worked, since I absolutely had not heard anybody discussing her being pregnant prior to today.

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