Jared Leto Had ‘No Idea’ About The Coronavirus Pandemic After Surfacing From 12 Days In Isolation – Perez Hilton

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This seems like something right out of a VERY bad film

On Tuesday, Jared Leto exposed he just simply found out just how much the world has actually altered due to the coronavirus break out! News about COVID-19 can be discovered all over you turn and President Donald Trump has actually currently stated

The Suicide Squad star required to Instagram and described he was off the grid, doing a quiet meditation in the desert for the previous 12 days. As an outcome, he was cut off from all news, innovation, and updates about the existing state of affairs. He started:

“Wow. 12 days ago I started a quiet meditation in the desert. We were completely separated. No phone, no interaction and so on. We had no concept what was occurring outside the center.”

When Leto lastly emerged from the remote retreat, he rapidly discovered the world was far various than how he left it:

“Walked out the other day into an extremely various world. One that’s been altered permanently. Mind blowing — to state the least.”


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The Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman included he is getting up to speed with the international pandemic and prompted his fans to remain safe throughout these attempting times:

“I’m getting messages from loved ones all around the

world and capturing up on what’s going on. Hope you and yours are ok. Sending out favorable energy to all. Stay within. Stay safe.”


As we discussed previously, Jared’s circumstance sounds practically amazing and far from the method we had actually ever wish to discover something like this. He’s not alone in this problem as the cast of Big Brother Germany is likewise supposedly blissfully uninformed of the coronavirus. According to The Guardian, the entrants who’ve been shooting the truth program in seclusion given that February 6 will be alerted about the pandemic live on air Tuesday night. Seems like must-watch TELEVISION, if you ask us!

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