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This appears difficult, however in some way, it was just a week ago that the candidates for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette were exposed. That’s right– 8 days back, the most essential thing in my life was roasting DMV pictures of a lot of men. Naturally, the brand-new season will star Clare Crawley , who simply takes place to be the earliest Bachelorette ever, at 38. That’s why, when we saw the entrants, the very first thing that leapt out was the age variation. Most of Clare’s men remained in their 20s, with a lot more than a complete years more youthful than her. To each their own when it concerns age distinction , however this appeared like an odd casting method.

Well, an entire f * cking lot has actually altered in the previous week, and Clare’s season is actually simply along for the trip (as all of us are). As you all understand, the whole world is generally on time out today due to the coronavirus pandemic, and regrettably, The Bachelorette is not unsusceptible to a worldwide health crisis. Ends Up Mike Fleiss’ handle the devil does not cover that– unfortunate!

Clare’s season was arranged to begin shooting last Friday with the limousine intros, however it was aborted and held off till more notification. I’m presuming Clare’s entrants all got airplane tickets back to anywhere they’re from, and now things are simply in a holding pattern. While Matt James is cooling in Florida with Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron, it sounds like we may never ever see some of these people once again.

This week, in an Instagram Live with his sweetheart Lauren Zima, Chris Harrison spoke openly about the truth of what’s happening with Clare’s season, and the reality that the cast may be altering: “The opportunities are, for everyone to be able to put their life on hold and return once again is really slim. Yeah, we are still casting, so if you have someone you believe is fantastic for this stunning lady right here.” Yeah, I think getting a month of trip recently was something, once this is all over, you may type of need to go back to work. Chris continued, stating, “There will be some various men. Perhaps it’ ll be totally various people, perhaps it’ ll be a mix. Who understands? We truly wear’ t understand, with the method the world is right now, with everyone’ s schedule.”

Okay, so clearly Chris isn’t entering information, and he most likely does not even understand the information at this moment, however let’s be genuine: ABC much better utilize this chance to cast some men that are really rational for Clare to date and ideally wed. Like, sorry Mr. 23-year-old frat star, however there is no chance Clare Crawley wishes to MARRY YOU. (Clare, sorry if that’s your type, however believe me, you do not wish to invest your permanently with this guy.) I truly hope that, whenever Clare’s season does occur, we see a group of participants that are older and hotter, due to the fact that she deserves it. Provide us silver foxes, ABC!

Right now, we still have no concept when recording will start for Clare’s season, however it’s beginning to appear like the best date, set for May 18th, may need to be pressed back too. As much as I dislike to confess, it’s an advantage that Listen To Your Heart was currently done recording prior to this entire headache started, since we’re going to require SOMETHING to view. I stated I would not view it, however these are desperate times. Damn it ABC, you’ve drawn us in once again.

Until then Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima will be doing “Fireside Chats” on IG Live every night, so you can view those if you’re realllllly desperate for a Bachelor repair. (Or you might simply see the seasons of The Bachelor that they place on Netflix.) Who understands, Chris may spill some more tea, however truthfully, we’ll most likely let you understand if anything in fact essential occurs.

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