Corey Feldman Finally Said It: Charlie Sheen Raped Corey Haim – Perez Hilton

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Well, this we did not anticipate

Corey Feldman has actually been threatening to expose the names of his and late bestie Corey Haim s sexual abusers for many years now. The Goonies star has actually long declared there was a “pedophile ring” operating in Hollywood however just called a few of the males he states were included, instead of simply going public with whatever at one time.

Instead he has actually stated for many years now he required to make a documentary to expose it and now he lastly has. (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys premiered on Monday night at a Los Angeles evaluating gone to by a few of Feldman’s celeb pals, such as Rosanna Arquette , Dave Navarro , and Jamie Kennedy .

According to Entertainment Weekly, who were likewise welcomed to see, the movie started with the info which is currently public.

Naming Names

Feldman as soon as again called star and one-time assistant Jon Grissom , club owner Alphy Hoffman (which was verified by Blake Lively s half-brother Jason ), and skill supervisor Marty Weiss as 3 of his abusers.

But the genuine bombshell has to do with the late Corey Haim.

Haim passed away of issues from pneumonia in 2010, after a life time of dependencies for which lots of blame years of abuse. That was on March 10, 10 years ago to the day. Feldman is now speaking for his long time good friend and most constant co-star, for whom he picked the release date.

Feldman declares Haim informed him Charlie Sheen raped him on the set of the 1986 movie Lucas. He graphically shares in the movie, per EW:

“This wasn’ t like a one time thing he stated in passing. It wasn’t like Oh, by the method, this took place.’ He entered into excellent information. He informed me, Charlie bent me over in between 2 trailers and put Crisco oil on my butt and raped me in broad daytime. Anyone might have strolled by, any person might have seen it.'”

But Feldman wasn’t an only voice this time; a number of other interviewees in the movie offered modern accounts of Haim informing them a comparable story.

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