Here Are 9 Celebrity Documentaries You Can Stream Online Right Now

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9 Celebrity Documentaries You Can Stream Online Right Now

Self-quarantining and social distancing can be complicated. Rather of meeting loved ones or participating in an occasion to inhabit your time off work, individuals are stuck looking for something to do in the convenience of their own house. It might appear like a perfect time to binge numerous seasons of your preferred program or continuously treat and nap, however possibilities are that’ll get truly old, truly rapidly. Star documentaries are an ideal go-to when you’re yearning some TELEVISION time, however do not wish to past due it. Here’s a cheat sheet of 9 star documentaries you can stream online today.

Memoirs are a terrific method to get more information about celebrities, however documentaries are understood to be simply as, if not more, in depth and raw. The first-person stories informed in documentaries like Taylor Swift’s , and The Jonas Brother’s really make fans seem like they’re learning more about their preferred celebrities.

With many streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix, and YouTube, there are lots of methods to take a look at all of the superstar documentaries that have actually just recently been launched, or ones that you might have missed out on for many years. Take a look at this list of the very best celebrity documentaries and where to stream them listed below.


In Swiftspeaks freely about her increase to popularity and how her image has actually developed for many years. The documentary includes video from backstage of her trip, and goes inside the studio with Swift while she was tape-recording her alum. You can stream on Netflix.

Taylor Swift on YouTube


Oh how Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas have actually grown throughout the years. demonstrate how and why the siblings chose to reunite as a band almost 6 years after the JoBros broke up. This genuine documentary will offer you all the feels as the kids get genuine about missing out on each other throughout their time apart. You can stream on Amazon Video.

Amazon Prime Video on YouTube


Notoriously personal — and very skilled — Beyonc composed, directed and was the executive manufacturer of her 2019 performance movie. The motivating documentary follows Beyonc as she gets ready for her 2018 Coachella efficiency, and dives into the psychological journey she required to arrive. You can stream on Netflix.

Netflix on YouTube

4. BTS’

is a musical docu-series-turned-movie that includes video from BTS’ 2017 trip. The movie follows RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook through 19 various nations they checked out in 2017. You can stream the docu-series and film on YouTube .



is a must-watch for Gaga fans. The documentary covers whatever from Gaga’s love life and profession, to her experience with persistent health problem. Gaga does not keep back her tears throughout one scene as she hurts in discomfort from fibromyalgia and reveals her sensations of unhappiness and confusion.You can stream on Netflix.

Netflix on YouTube


From reviewing her Disney Channel years to handling dependency and other individual battles, Demi Lovato’s reveals a susceptible side of her. Lovato let fans in on the imaginative procedure she took making in addition to had a look back at her life in the spotlight and what individuals didn’t see behind-the-scenes. Things weren’t simple for Lovato who informed Ellen DeGeneres in March 2020: “I requested for aid, and I didn’t get the aid that I required. I was stuck in this dissatisfied position … I’m believing to myself, ‘I’m 6 years sober, however I’m unpleasant. When I was consuming, I’m more unpleasant now than. Why am I sober?'” You can stream on YouTube.

Demi Lovato on YouTube

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Justin Bieber’s 10-episode docu-series, shined a brand-new light on the pop star. The series highlights whatever from Bieber’s operate in the studio, to his Lyme illness medical diagnosis, and how his life with Hailey Baldwin has actually made him a much better male. Bieber likewise described why he took a break from music and how he had the ability to rebound. You can stream on YouTube.

Justin Bieber on YouTube


Directioners will get sentimental enjoying this 2013 documentary. takes 1D fans on a wild flight, as it highlights Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne’s meteoric increase to popularity after being thrown up by Simon Cowell on the. The movie likewise offers fans a special take a look at each of the kids as people. You can stream on Amazon Video.

Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube


Travis Scott’s is an intimate check out the rap artist’s life. The movie reflects on how Scott handled making his album while stabilizing life as a daddy. Highlights the effect Scott has actually had on his fans, with one even stating in the movie that Scott “conserved” their life. Not to discuss, there is a lots of charming video footage of Scott, Kylie Jenner, and their child, Stormi. You can stream on Netflix .

Netflix on YouTube

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