50 Funniest Coronavirus Tweets To Read From Your Self-Quarantine

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With Covid-19 shutting down full on countries, the world is a scary place right now. Because laughter can be good medicine I’ve compiled a bunch of tweets to make you laugh (to yourself, while in self-isolation). Please enjoy and do your best to relax and help out your community! We’re all in this (Coronavirus) together so we may as well try to get some joy out of the situation.

Coronavirus travel plans be like…

Introverts and Coronvirus:

Ready to rock and lockdown.

RIP to the work plants…


This is an everyday thing for introverts.

America, get your sh*t together.


Please, not the puzzles…

This is the one time it’s ~okay~ to be a hoarder:


“Joey doesn’t share food!!!!”

@ everyone who is still out in public when they don’t need to be: do better.

Do better pt. 2

Honestly……. that’s smart.

u mad?

*scribbles furiously*

The turtle let him win.


*looks off into the camera with wide-eyes*


Oh yikes…

Hard agree.


Cheers to anxiety!

Ain’t that the truth.

Introverts doing their part:


Ah. Poetic.


What’s gonna happen now that allergy season has started…

Oh how the turn tables.

Ok true.

“Actual teaching.”

Delores Umbitch.

“Sparkling Isolation”

Seriously though…


Can the cats please stop for 5 seconds

Don’t let the Black Mirror writers see this tweet.




*sips tea*

The aliens think we’re stupid.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger tells you to stay home, you stay home.

Seriously though!

Why is this so accurate

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