Harvey Weinstein still faces charges in Los Angeles and the city’s prosecutor is requesting his transfer from New York

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(CNN)While Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in jail in New York previously this month, he’s still dealing with charges in Los Angeles.

Weinstein has formerly rejected the accusations .
The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office lodged a detainer on March 13 with the New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. On Monday, the district attorneys asked New York for the momentary custody of Weinstein, pursuant to the Interstate Agreement on Detainers, Risling stated.

    This procedure is reliant on lots of actions by other companies, so it is uncertain when Weinstein will physically remain in Los Angeles, Risling states in a declaration.

    Risling likewise stated the DA understands issues concerning the coronavirus pandemic.
    “Our workplace anticipates that each company accountable for processing, carrying and real estate accused Weinstein will follow its procedures and public health standards,” he stated.
    The New York judge sentenced Weinstein to 20 years in jail for criminal sexual act and 3 years in jail for rape. The sentences will run consecutively and both featured 5 years of guidance after release, and Weinstein needs to sign up as a sex wrongdoer.

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