This Artist Will Draw Your Thirst Traps To Support Sex Workers During COVID-19 | Betches

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Hey babe, trying to find some light throughout these dark times of quarantine && scream chill? I got you. Or rather, comic, author, artist, and stripper Jacqueline Frances aka Jacq the Stripper has actually got you. Frances is utilizing her quarantine time to come up with innovative ventures, consisting of a job that includes drawing thirst traps and assisting sex employees survive throughout this crisis. We definitely god damn love to see it.

Jacq the Stripper asked her fans on Twitter to send her their thirst traps so she might draw them for $50 and send out the earnings to shared help funds for sex employees. Sex employees are amongst among the most afflicted groups of employees in the middle of the pandemic, as a lot of them are not able to perform their service securely.

With strip clubs and massage parlors closing for the foreseeable future, the NYC Health recommending individuals not to participate in sex with anybody besides themselves and their roomies, and individuals normally hesitating to come within 6 feet of individuals, it’s more difficult than ever for lots of sex employees to discover gigs today, making these shared help funds important to their survival. To have your cash go towards an excellent cause and get you a dope illustration of your attractive bits all in one go? That’s a slay, hon.

These illustrations likewise produce fantastic presents. I’ll state that if everybody I understood talented me with illustrations of my nudes I would be one pleased slut. If you have a buddy who’s feeling down, has a birthday showing up, or simply should have a reward for the sake of it, might I recommend sending out among Jacq’s work of arts their method. And while we’re tossing concepts around, it would be quite rad to have among Justin Bieber’s thirst traps drawn, and if anybody made this occur for me I would not seethe.

And this isn’t Jacq the Stripper’s very first rodeo in regards to producing cool, hot tasks with an essential message. She has “soft clothing for sluts,” pro-sex work merch, and other remarkable art that you can purchase on her site . She’s likewise an amusing entertainer, and you can access all of her remarkable material on her Patreon for unlimited home entertainment. Wow, wise, amusing, hot, skilled ladies truly can have all of it. Who understood?

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