The 24 most wildly irresponsible lines from Donald Trump’s latest interview with Sean Hannity

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(CNN)Even as his administration– and the nation– continue to fight the coronavirus , President Donald Trump keeps finding time to call into Fox News’ host Sean Hannity’s program.

Trump and Hannity talked March 5 and however on March 27 . And the 2 were back at it on Tuesday night. Listed below, the lines you require to see from that discussion.
1. “So, you understand, things are occurring. It’s a– it’s– I have not seen bad. I’ve not seen bad.”

    11.”And I do not hear anything where it’s triggering death. It’s not like something hazardous.”

    Objection! Anecdotal, your honor. (My mommy constantly desired me to be a legal representative.)
    12. “It’s been extraordinary how– how up until now– I suggest, I dislike to state perfectly, it’s 3 days, however it’s away ahead of schedule.”
    “Small Business Aid Program Stretches Agency to Its Limits”– The New York Times, April 8, 2020
    13. “Well, I ‘d enjoy to open with a huge bang, one lovely nation, and simply open.”
    Uh huh. Inform me more …
    14. “We’re method under any surveys or any of the designs, as they call them– they have designs, and we’re method under, and we want to keep it that method, in regards to death.”
    It may be appropriate to keep in mind here that Donald Trump is not, by training, a statistician.
    15.” You understand, we had the best economy in the history of our nation, and after that suddenly, they are available in and state: ‘Sir, you’re going to need to close it.'”
    Not real . No matter the number of times he states it.
    16. “It eliminated– I indicate, it simply boggled the mind. That was your all-time bad.”
    Donald Trump on the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919.
    17. “So you need to take care since you take a look at that, and near 100 individuals get eliminated, you need to believe that, you understand, no one would have believed it might have taken place, however then you need to believe, when you see this being available in and you see what was occurring in China, you need to state, well, possibly this can occur here, so we need to take care.”
    18. “And I did what I wished to do, and it was a great relocation.”
    This is Trump on his choice to close down travel from China. Actually this is Trump on whatever.
    19. “Well, I’m a diplomat, too.”
    [nods head extremely gradually]
    20. “He has a tough time getting the words out, ‘thank you, you did a fantastic task.'”
    Trump is referring here to a supposed absence of thankfulness by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for what the federal government has actually provided for him on coronavirus. Bear in mind that Trump constantly wishes to be thanked and praised– for doing his task .
    21. “When they bring you to the medical facility with this one, this is not having your appendix secured. It’s a bad– that’s a bad thing.”
    Dr. Trump doing his everyday rounds …
    22. “I really have 4 business that are modern. I imply, these are fantastic, fantastic individuals. You take a look at Ebola, you take a look at AIDS, you take a look at a few of the important things that they’ve done, these are the business that have actually did it.”
    I in fact have 4 business that are state-of-the-art.”
    23. “So, I’m simply– all I am is a matchmaker. I– you understand, I see outcomes, I see terrific service technicians, terrific individuals, can be found in with– with actually, you understand, possible remedies, OK?”
    A “ matchmaker, ” eh?
        24.”The media has actually been– the lamestream media has actually been very unethical and it’s an embarassment, it’s really unfortunate.”
        This seems like a great location to end.

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