Astronaut Jessica Meir Shares Some Tips On Staying Healthy While In Isolation

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Over one-third of mankind is presently under some kind of lockdown legislation to reduce the spread of the brand-new coronavirus. The abrupt shift in our everyday routines has actually caused the fast spread of at-home videos showcasing the numerous activities we can do while in seclusion.

To contribute to the mix, astronaut Jessica Meir and coworker Drew Morgan just recently shared pointers for living well in seclusion. Both presently live aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and understand a fair bit about working and living in a confined area.

In the video, Meir talks about the significance of workout for psychological and physical wellness, exercising 2 hours a day . For astronauts, it is not simply a method to ease monotony, it is important for their health as living in microgravity minimizes both bone density and muscle mass.

The astronauts likewise revealed the 3 workout devices offered to them on the ISS. Up is the A dvanced Resistive Exercise Gadget (ARED), which Meir refers to as their “ one-stop weight maker. ”


Then there are the cardio makers. One is a treadmill however with a twist — the astronauts use a harness to keep close to the device considering that they’re not being took down by gravity. The device was even utilized by European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake to run the London Marathon in 2016. The last workout gadget is the Cycle Ergometer with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization (CEVIS). If you put on’ t look after the name, feel in one’s bones that it is a stationary bicycle however without the earthly requirement for a handlebar or a seat.

“ This offers us most likely our most cardiovascularly extreme exercise, ” states Drew Morgan in the video. “ I get a much higher heart rate doing this than I do operating on the treadmill.”


The 2 have actually likewise made a video for kids, recommending what they can do throughout this time, such as reading and playing instruments.

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