These Stories About COVID-19 Need To Be Heard

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If you wish to know compassion, put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. Attempt and comprehend their ideas, worries, stress and anxieties, has a hard time, and picture it was you.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, we see individuals who have actually captured the infection, who didn’t think they might get it (youths specifically). We see individuals who have the infection who still have a household to look after. We see individuals who are still operating at supermarket and veterinarian medical facilities and as UPS chauffeurs and whatever in between, still holding on by a thread, attempting to look after our society.

If we desire things to return to the method they were and feel “regular” once again, we require to do our part and remain at house. We require to comprehend individuals who are attempting to keep us together, while we hang out apart. We require to comprehend individuals who have actually been impacted by the infection and how no matter who you are, what your age is, or what your health resembles anybody is at danger.

Here are some COVID-19 stories:

A girl with the infection.

A mother with the infection(check out

On 3/12 I began to feel worn out and extremely weak. I blamed it on my sleeping disorders. The next day, I started shivering from being so cold, had a headache, aching throat, queasiness and felt throbbing all over. My temperature was at 102. I took some ibuprofen and set for some time. #MyCovidStory

— Kristen Darling

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