Too Hot to Handle and Labor of Love: Reality TV May Be Stupider Than Ever

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This week:

Reality TELEVISION Has Gone Off the Deep End

Is anybody else utilizing their pandemic paranoia-induced sleeping disorders time to view YouTube videos of old href=””> American Idol candidates definitely eliminating it till the wee hours of the early morning?

Carly Smithson hive, where you at? How about the Haley Reinhardt contingent? Exists anyone else who can’t stop viewing videos of Syesha Mercado nailing the high-belt climax? Vonzell Solomon? Melinda Doolittle? Hollie Cavanagh’s Celine Dion cover , favorably unrivaled? How about Diana DeGarmo? I suggest, keep in mind Diana DeGarmo?

Or what about that really particular minute when David Cook sang”Always Be My Baby?” Or Constantine Maroulis, that entire thing? Or when Jason Whatshisface burped out” Hallelujah “and the country responded as if he had simply created music? Or the 400″Alones.”Does David Archuleta have an OnlyFans? Or the very best singing there’s ever been: Jennifer Hudson doing”Circle of Life”?

It’s rather intriguing to be yearning the halcyon days of truth TELEVISION, when American Idol was the category and a juggernaut had not spread out like weeds throughout the whole home entertainment landscape.

When this entire quarantine thing began, we were grateful that truth TELEVISION was stepping up its video game to offer much-needed interruption, and it’s still real that Real Housewives of New York and Beverly Hills , RuPaul’s Drag Race , and Making the Cut have actually been offensive sources of delight. Hell, we’ll even be generous and toss Love Is Blind into the mix. Patently terrible as that program was, it was at least enjoyable to speak about.

But our graciousness has actually ended. The truth TELEVISION folk have actually begun to lose their damn minds.

First, it has actually been given my attention that there is a singing competitors spin-off of The Bachelor, entitled Listen to Your Heart, in which previous entrants reside in an estate and croon enjoy tunes to each other. Who requested for this?

On Friday, Netflix introduces Too Hot to Handle , a dating series in which the candidates reside in an estate and win $100,000 if they do not make love with each other. What the real hell?(My coworker Laura Bradley viewed it, bless her heart, andreported back,”It’s so fucking bad it’s not even worth considering.”)

Then it was likewise revealed that, next month, Fox will air Labor of Love , in which an ex-Bachelor entrant who wishes to have a child fulfills 15 guys who contend to be the daddy, all hosted by the female who played Charlotte on Sex and the City.

And as if whatever didn’t currently appear like every brand-new truth TELEVISION program is a parody from an episodeof 30 Rock come to life, a mobile-only app called Quibi suggested for you to enjoy bite-sized material while you poop introduced recently with a program in which Tituss Burgess blasts food out of a cannon onto entrants who taste the taking place mess on their clothing and after that prepare what they believe the meal was.

Don’t view these programs, individuals. Regard yourselves.

Disney Is Anti-Daryl Hannah’s Butt

The tyranny of digital fur innovation understands no bounds, charging forth in its post-Felines reign of fear , this time on Disney Plus.

The family-friendly streaming service was the source of mockery today for its choice to censor Daryl Hannah’s butt in the 1984 timeless Splash not with a blur, a black bar, or a cut of the scene entirely, however by including nightmare-inducing CGI hair to her ass, like a VFX merkin from hell.(You should enjoy the video of it in this tweet .)

The lunacy of the prudishness and the hideousness of the censoring technique is, naturally, uproarious. It likewise speaks to a wider, worrying problem. Yes, Daryl Hannah’s butt matters!

Disney has actually been making cuts and snips occasionally on numerous titles that are on Disney Plus– curse words, racial slurs, bothersome product– which appears harmless enough when it’s simply in the pursuit of making material more kid-friendly.

But a monolith company like Disney retroactively modifying material to fit its own vision and ethical requirements is overlord-y, possibly overbearing, and normally Not Great– specifically in the wake of choices like moving the prepared Love, Simon TELEVISION program to Hulu over content issues(is gay teenager love not kid-friendly?) and whatever Hilary Duff is mentioning here .

So, yeah, raise an eyebrow over that. Likewise, god, that Daryl Hannah butt hair is simply actually amusing.

There Can Be Miracles

Since this entire shelter-in-place thing began, there have actually been, by a rough count, 473 variations of TELEVISION specials and live streams of well-known individuals singing and making material from their homes.

The fundraising event return of The Rosie O’Donnell Show was an emphasize. Recently’s Saturday Night Live episode , usually imperfect as constantly, was rather stirring in the large gumption it required to pull it off.(Kate McKinnon’s RBG exercise is among the funniest things the program has actually produced this year.)John Oliver and Samantha Bee‘s self-taped weekly programs are protecting my peace of mind.

But absolutely nothing yet has actually topped, or honestly might ever top, the greatest reward of the brand-new celebs-from-their-homes pattern: Powerhouse singers Cynthia Erivo and Shoshana Bean carrying out the Mariah Carey-Whitney Houston duet”When You Believe” from The Prince of Egypt throughout the Saturday Night Seder fundraising event while author Stephen Schwartz accompanied on piano.

The degree to which I will view the video of this over and over once again, force anybody who enters my house to enjoy, will cast onto screens in pals &#x 27; houses instantly upon going into …

Kelly Clarkson Saves United States Again

Kelly Clarkson launched a brand-new tune that has her singing in like a million various languages' and she tape-recorded the video from her restroom in Montana. We have no option however to stan.

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What to avoid today:

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