Donald Trump Suggests Treating Coronavirus By Injecting Patients With Lysol & Other Cleaning Chemicals – Yes, Really – Perez Hilton

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UPDATE 10:59 A.M. PST: In case you were still jerking in mindblown shock at our president’s idea about injecting disinfectant to eliminate coronavirus infection something so dumb even Simpsons authors would not make Homer state it Dr. Trump really has a reason.

He now states he was being “ironical.” When asked on Friday about the unsafe and hugely unreliable declarations, the POTUS stated:

“I was asking a concern sardonically to press reporters much like you, simply to see what would occur. I was asking an ironical and a really ironical concern to the press reporters in the space about disinfectant on the within. It does eliminate it and it would eliminate it on the hands, and it would make things much better.””

OMG, he’s actually doing the, “I understood that, I was simply checking you” defense? What is he, Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell!.?.!??

First off, it’s an outright lie. You simply need to listen or check out the records to the recording to hear Trump is speaking not to press reporters however to his own group, and about things he was stating he had actually currently recommended to them formerly, behind closed doors. He was attempting to demonstrate how wise he was with his “really steady genius” medical concepts.

Second, even if he had stated all that sardonically, how is that a proper reaction provided the gravity of the scenario? “Just to see what would take place?” In a pandemic, you wished to “see what would occur” if the leader of the complimentary world recommended consuming Lysol as treatment. For the LOLs ??

We truthfully do not believe he understands how that would be even worse than being hopelessly inexperienced.

Donald Trump had another among his, uhhh, minutes on Thursday afternoon and this one might be the most jaw-droppingly wild thing he’s ever stated.

The President held an interview the other day, as he constantly does, to upgrade the nation about the coronavirus pandemic and his federal government’s efforts to stop it. Other than this time around, rather of sharing, you understand, in fact important info, he s ** t the proverbial bed and began promoting the impacts of injecting Lysol to deal with COVID-19. Uhhhhh what the f ** k?!

Speaking at one point throughout journalism conference, Trump started the descent into insanity by applauding the results of ultraviolet light on the coronavirus. Speaking with the job force organizer, Dr. Deborah Birx , the 73-year-old President contemplated freely about how “the light and the heat” might deal with the infection by itself, stating (listed below):

“Deborah, have you ever became aware of that? The light and the heat. Relative to specific infections, yes, however relative to this infection?”

The 64-year-old physician rapidly shut that down, reacting in no unsure terms:

“Not as a treatment. I suggest, definitely [with] fever [it] is a good idea. It assists your body respond when you have a fever. Not as. I’ ve not seen heat or light.”

Wow. It’s like handling a kid

Trump then turned his attention to disinfectants, honestly considering whether an “injection” of some sort into the body might eliminate the infection within. Honestly considering loud in front of the nationwide news media, The Donald stated:

“I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. Exists a method we can do something like that by injection, within, or nearly a cleansing? It’d be intriguing to inspect that. Possibly it works, possibly it doesn’ t work. It definitely has an impact on a fixed item. I’m not a medical professional. I’m, like, an individual that has a great you-know-what.”

Dude, WHAT ?!

All this happened mid-briefing after the Under Secretary for Science and Technology at the United States Department of Homeland Security, William Bryan , offered a discussion about continuous research studies connected to COVID-19. In one, he kept in mind how researchers are checking whether sunshine might potentially break down the infection at a quicker rate than when it resides in a cold environment; in the other, Bryan discussed how bleach, isopropyl alcohol, and other disinfectants in items like Lysol have actually been revealed to eliminate the infection on impermeable surface areas, such as metal.

But in neither research study did Bryan ever recommend to knock an ill individual with UV rays, or inject (ugh) cleansing items that was all Trump, freely questioning and recommending things you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT DO TO YOUR BODY, dabbling them as possible treatments when it’s all simply s ** tty pseudoscience!

By the time Phil Rucker , a White House press reporter from the Washington Post, called out the President later on in journalism conference for “reports” and bad science details being transmitted to audiences, Trump snapped:

“Hey, Phil. I’ m the president and you’ re phony news. It’ s simply a recommendation from a fantastic laboratory from a really, really clever possibly fantastic male he’ s speaking about sun, he ’ s speaking about heat, andyou see the numbers. That ’ s it. That ’ s all I have. I ’ m simply here to present skill. I ’ m simply here to present concepts since we desire concepts to eliminate this thing.”


The damage was plainly done, as “Lysol” trended on social networks for much of Thursday night.

And the chatter got so loud that Reckitt Benckiser , the UK-based corporation that makes Lysol and other associated cleansing items, was required to launch a main declaration encouraging individuals NOT to consume their cleansing items to eliminate the coronavirus:

“Due to current speculation and social networks activity RB (the makers of Lysol and Dettol) has actually been asked whether internal administration of disinfectants might be suitable for examination or usage as a treatment for coronavirus. As an international leader in health and health items we should be clear that under no situations ought to our disinfectant items be administered into the body (through injection, intake or any other path).”

What a world we reside in

Fortunately, a minimum of some individuals might see how clearly outrageous the President’s “medical suggestions” was as social networks responses to the entire thing were INCREDIBLE!

One individual summed it up completely by tweeting:

“Never would I have actually believed in a million years that Lysol would need to put out a declaration &&inform Americans NOT to inject their item into your body to eliminate an infection. Here we are in the 2020 circus.”

Another funny post made a terrific point about what an absurd world we’ve discovered ourselves in here in 2020:

“Imagine you took a trip 10 years back in time and you’re inquired about April 2020, and you state the makers of Lysol needed to provide a declaration informing individuals not to inject or take in disinfectants due to the fact that President’ Trump recommended it! Even the Simpsons could not anticipate that”

Yikes !!!

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